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Little Things 2016 Comedy Hindi Series Review

Little Things (S1 - S3)

Shreya Agrawal
4 Star popcorn reviewss

Created by: Dhruv Sehgal 

Directed by: Ajay Bhuyan,Ruchir Arun 

Starring: Mithila Palkar, Dhruv Sehgal 

Theme music composer: Prateek Kuhad 

Composer: Neel Adhikari 

Production company: Dice Media


Heer-Ranja, Majnu- Laila, Shahjahaan- Mumtaz are  not names when we think of cheesy romantic couple. Meet “Kavya- Dhruv”, the modern couple of 21st century. Little things is all about little joys of life, smallest happiness with makes a relationship workd. Live, love and Laughter. The series is so relatable to modern couples of today’s era. Let’s take a look at season 1 to season 3 at a go.

Story and Screen Play

It is not just a romantic drama but a journey in it’s own. A young couple who started their journey from their mid 20s to reaching 30s. How life takes turns, How they grew together in a relationship. Kavya, a young women from Nagpur set her footprint into corporate in Mumbai at early age while Dhruv, a techie guy got his job at Mumbai. Eyes full of aspirations and Vagabonds at heart, with carefree attitude with life, the couple adores every smallest of things in life. Dhruv spotted first Kavya at a theatre, then offers lift to Kavya, coindentally both were heading to my favourite place in India..Powai, Mumbai! and that how it started. Being a non judgemental modern powerpuff couple, There bond started to grow with time. The couple moved in together, spends their Sundays in most jolly ways , FOMOs seeing the friends holidaying at Goa to planning for early morning bhajji spots in outskirts of Mumbai, to waking up at 12 Noon, to fighting and ending up going to near by Salons and Malls and finally ending the day with such beautiful memories of little things of the day. While their personal life is going well, Professionally Kavya gets a promotion while Dhruv gets frustrated of his present Job and resigns, which frustartes Kavya. But, the Couple stick together in hard life and Dhruv takes Job as a Teacher. But, Kavya has high aspirations from life, While at some point Dhruv starts thinking that it may take whole life to build a home in South Bombay with Sea view, Kavya explains him, It is how we think and how determined we are to turn those dreams into reality. Kavya and Dhruv comes from different part of Indian Soiety all together. Kavya belongs middle class yet modern family at heart while Dhruv belongs to conventional northern Indian middle class family. Even with such difference, Dhruv wins Kavya’s Mom’s heart with his humble nature and caring nature. Finally, It’s time to get parted from sometime, Kavya gets bigger promotion at work while Dhruv decided to persue his ineternship at Bangalore and study. Long distance relationship Man!! It takes lot of efforts and courage to take it works. Kavya starts feeling lonely and try to mingle with friends at work and comes out of comfort zone of their goody goody world of Dhruv and Kavya. Dhruv adjusts himself with cultural shoc in Bangalore and focusses for on his projects. They keep on meeting eachother whenever any one gets time. Their Love lasts forever but maturity and reponsibilities have taken place of carefree and “Just Us” attitude towards life. After all, It is almost time to their Bye-Bye 20s. After, completing his project in Bangalore, Dhruv finds it difficult to adjust with Kavya’s friend circle. The couple visit their respective home town and reality hits hard. Kavya is worried about parents as her father retires and wants to spend more time with them and thinking of taking transfer. The couple start reflecting on their evolving relationship. They discuss all the real world problems, the marriages, their identities, distance relationships and what not. When It is true, the bonds stays no matter what! 

After seeing such a beautiful couple, the words that comes out of my mind is “Haste Haste .. Kat jaein Raaste”


Dialogues are so relatable to the present generation, lots of life learning lessons, dealing with different aspects of life. Direction is outstanding. Very few Indian series have depicted complete journey of any relationship, the Ups and Downs, the falls and the Vctories, the Chaos and the biggest decisions.


Dhruv and Kavya just rocked it. Mithila Palekar, she evolved with the series itself. Her performance got stronger with each episode. Dhruv is phenomenal throughout and gave such consistent performace to watch.


Guys, Being a big fan of Dhruv and Kavya, Cheers to my favourite and most relatable reel life couple to real life of our generation! What are you waiting for.. watch Little things and enjoy little of the things in life. Season 4 and the final one is already out. If You haven’t watched season 1 to season 3 yet, do watch. Hope this piece of writing gave you overall zest of the series. 4 stars and a booze of beer for Little Things!

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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