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Lawless Island 2020 English Series Review

Lawless Island

4 Star popcorn reviewss

Lawless Island, a reality series about remote Alaskan community, will bring a second thought in your mind, “How important are survival skills?” Experience a place where you cannot buy services, you need to be self-reliant.

On the remote Island, Port Protection in Alaska, 65 people have opted for an off-the-grid, isolated lifestyle. The stakes are high, the land is rough, and the weather is unforgiving. With no roads or government, the residents of Port Protection have to use their skill and perseverance to survive and thrive in their self-reliant lifestyle.

Let us find out, will they be able to survive in these challenging forces of mother nature or have to return back to a clamorous life of city?

Series begins with Sam chasing mink for mink oil in the forest, which will help him protect his old shoes for some more time. Hans and Timbi Porter who have recently gone through back and leg fractures respectively, are dedicated towards building a farm for the entire society. Curly is one of the most skilled and experienced wood cutters, who is helping the community to restore their property from damage caused due to uneven growth of huge trees and collect firewood. Gary, who lost his life to fire last month at Port Protection, possess a unique skill of catching octopus; he was not only the oldest of all but also a fighter who always passed the tough situation with his rigor and self-belief. The small community at Port Protection have also formed a team of fire brigades to fight against calamity. There are new faces too, who are willing to adopt this lifestyle. Amanda a youth who is struggling to get acclimatized to the environment of Port Protection is cent percent dedicated to learn the art of survival in the harsh situations. Mary takes up the responsibility to teach Amanda about hunting and takes her for hunting a bear. But will Amanda be able to hunt and survive in the life-threatening situations of Island. You have to learn from your past mistakes, take on new challenges and help the new comers to adapt, survive and thrive while they take on the beautiful journey to this unforgiving landscape.

There aren’t any dull moments, except the fact that the oldest of all, Gary Muehlberger, has lost his life in March 2021. But the entire series is totally enjoyable. It keeps you on your toe and with the curiosity to know what’s next, I finished the entire series of 20 episodes in 4days time. Beautiful scenic beauty, the bounties as well as harshness of Mother Nature, the happy moments and the strength of not giving up is commendable. A nature lover who is independent and believes in thyself, would definitely love to go and thrive in the Port Protection, where you don’t need money to buy your basic needs, “Food, Clothing, Shelter” but you have to earn it with your self-reliant skills and attitude.

If you are a person who believe that money is not everything and there is a life beyond your daily 9-6 jobs and you enjoy your primitive skills and strength, then, this series is for you. Watch it alone or with friends and family, it will trigger your survival instinct and make you feel blessed.

Fun fact: Each family in port protection have their own pet and it’s a dog, who go with them on hunting.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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