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Oh boy oh boy! We have a string of new releases coming up starting today leading up to the independence day weekend. And once again we have a perfect opportunity to help you choose between the best and the not so best. So lets get started. I finished watching the new Malayalam film Kuruthi on Amazon Prime. I must admit I haven’t watched a bad Malayalam film in a very long time(or ever!) which just shows the kind of cinema that they indulge in. Everytime you think of how a subsequent film can be better than the previous one, they always spring a surprise and match it or even better it. That said with sky high expectations, is Kuruthi worth the hype, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Kuruthi follows the story of a young Muslim man who has his beliefs and teachings tested on a long and eventful night. And this is all I can reveal without giving out any spoilers. The story is super relevant especially in the times we live in today. The faith that we follow and impose it on others has been a norm in recent times(without pointing a finger at anyone). What that leads to is hate that is passed on from one generation to another over and over again. There is all of this and more in the story which is brilliant. And I was very impressed once again in the manner in which they cut the trailer! None of the plotpoints were revealed in it which is kudos for the team who edited out the trailer. The screenplay is a perfect example of how to stay balanced! It starts off on a slow note which is now a norm with most movies from the Malayalam Industry that almost completely want you to be absorbed in the drama without any rush. And so what that does is, you can form your own opinions about the characters as per your own background. And then once you are in, the drama shifts gears only slightly to introduce the conflict. Notice the tension that has been setup with some more buildup that gives you a sense of a Tarantino movie which is waiting for all hell to break lose. And from the halfway mark it does just that in a series of brutal and raw action sequences which will take your breath away. That, keeping the fine thread intact of what it eventually wants to say is a classic case of brilliant writing. It almost acts as a mirror throughout, drawing subtle comparisons throughout and culminating into a finale that will leave you numb and be forced to ponder about. Some stellar writing this!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are subtle yet insightful and they leave a lasting impact! The music sets the mood of the drama perfectly, the BGM is good too although slightly overused. Notice the camera work and the colour tones given to the scenes to give you a feel of the drama – just brilliant! Director Manu Warrier has his sensabilities in check throughout. The messaging that he is able to extract amidst the high voltage drama is just brilliant. He deserves distinction marks for his direction.


The performances are outstanding! Murali Gopi is excellent as the cop Sathyan! Shine Tom Chacko leaves his mark as Kareem. Mammukoya as Moosa is absolutely brilliant! Nalsen as Resul the conflicted and misguided youth is excellent. Srindaa as Sumathi is outstanding, notice her change in expressions at one point in the film! Prithviraj Sukumaran as Laiq enters the frame after 45 mins and leaves an instant mark. His portrayal is brutal and raw and aggression is his motto, all inculcated brilliantly by him. The pick for me is Roshan Mathew who is absolutely fabulous as Ibru. There are so many emotions to play with and he nails each one of them in an acting masterclass. He is fast becoming my favourite!


Kuruthi is an engaging thriller that will leave you numb at the end and force you to think as to which direction mankind is headed! Another winner from the Malayalam film Industry! Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended.

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