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kumbalangi nights 2019 malayalam movie

Kumbalangi Nights

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Saji, Bonny, Bobby and Franky are four brothers living in a small, dilapidated house in the village of Kumbalangi. Saji’s father had married Bonny’s mother, who then gave birth to Bobby and Franky. When their father dies, the mother abandons the boys to join a religious mission, leaving Saji to be the man of the house. Saji has anger management issues, and often gets into fights with Bobby, an unemployed youngster. Franky is ashamed of Saji and Bobby but gets along well with Bonny, who is mute.

Bobby starts dating Baby, a girl who lives nearby. He eventually proposes to her, but she asks him to talk to her family first. Bobby asks Saji to accompany him, and together they go to meet Shammi, Baby’s brother-in-law. Shammi rejects the proposal and ridicules the poor reputation that Bobby’s family has among the villagers. Saji tries to console Bobby and asks him to get a job, which he does.

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