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Kota factory 2

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If you know me closely then you would know that I have a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Engineering. At times it was often asked to me that Why didn’t you try for IIT or Being the Bright Student that you were you could have easily walked into IIT. My answer to that was simple – IIT is a different ball game all together. It requires a different sort of a dedication that could potentially spoil your balance in life. Make no mistake, the IIT student are the cream of the group but they don’t have it easy either. In the newspapers, we read about the humongous salary amounts that some of the students get when they are placed – what folks including parents need to understand is that that person is just one among the rest – the others do not get such huge offer letters and that IIT is as much of a normal engineering college in terms of placement(maybe slightly higher) than any other. And so the question that you ask yourself – is it necessary for people to go through that grind putting everything at stake? If you don’t get in the merit list, is it then the end of the world considering the amount of effort that goes in? There are usually a bunch of children who go to Kota to train for IIT which has now become a hub. Set in this city, the kings of relatable content had weaved a webseries Kota Factory which was a raw reality and a peek into the lives of such students. The series was largely applauded for its storytelling and the black and white canvas, this week they return with season 2. And I have just finished watching The season 2 of Kota Factory on Netflix. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The season 2 of Kota Factory continues from the point season 1 had ended with our beloved group continuing their preparation for the main entrance amidst some new challenges. The story is filled with situations that are very close to reality and a raw image and the training that goes behind the glitz and glamour of the IITs. And the story is outstanding. Like when it comes to relatable content, TVF is always right up there. The reason they understand these concepts well is because quite a few of them are from an engineering background and they do know the amount of work that goes in behind graduating as an engineer. If you remember, season 1 had ended with a burst of colours which signified hope. The screenplay of season 2 continues with that tone until that intimidating opening sequence post which the tone becomes dark and gloomy too. This in itself was a genius interpretation. The screenplay here is engaging throughout and it tackles many different plot points and in a way tries to enter the psyche of the students preparing for the IITs. And so you see students with different characteristics packed together all of whom have a mental battle on their hands too(some of it personal too). Come to think of it, it would be a very dark period considering the amount of competition around you which could weigh you down too, some may also take an extreme step, all of which are touched upon here. The subtext featuring the struggles of Jeetu Bhaiya is also well written and adds a whole new layer to the screenplay. Overall this is a super engaging screenplay that will keep you hooked and booked throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are thought provoking, quirky and at times philosophical too that make a lasting and continued impact. The music is outstanding that is able to capture many moods of the characters. The BGM is excellent too and quite diverse for different situations – for example Vaibhav meeting Vartika which has a nice upbeat BGM to the quiet undertones in scenes of gloom, the BGM is exceptional. The camerawork is yet again fabulous and captures some raw frames of the city Kota which is now famous just for its classes. Director Raghav Subbu who had also directed season 1, is in red hot form here. It is often seen that after an extrely successfully season 1, the drama in trying to hard to replicate its success, falls flat in season 2. Well, season 2 here is just as good as season 1 and a large credit for it does go to the director, a job extremely well done.


The performances are exceptional. Sameer Saxena as Maheshwari Sir is stoic and his silence is really intimidating. An excellent job done. Jyoti Gauba as Vaibhav’s mother is heartwarming and that particular episode in which she features in is really heartfelt. Rajesh Kumar as Gagan Sir is good in a cameo. Vaibhav Thakkar as Sushrut is excellent as the kid who is nervous and only just finding his feet in a competitive world. Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi is just so bad ass and terrific here. An extremely confident display of acting! Urvi Singh as Meenal is pretty good although her role is a shade underwritten this time around. Revathi Pillai as Vartika looks really pretty and the vulnerability that she subtly brings to her character is just so brilliant. Wish to watch more of her going forward too. Alam Khan as Uday is first rate, again a character that had started off slowly in season 1 to now completely blooming in season 2. Ranjan Raj has made a name for himself post season 1 of Kota Factory. Here again as Meena he is exceptional and brings forth that innocence that really makes his character affable. Mayur More as Vaibhav as a towering screen presence and does a wonderful job here. He is such a natural onscreen in a very convincing performance. And our beloved Jeetu Bhaiya aka Jeetendra Kumar is just so endearing here. He has some of the best lines and he delivers them with perfection. We all have that one teacher in life who is more of a friend and has a personal touch with his students – Jeetu Bhaiya represents that clan. If it was Sandeep Bhaiya in Aspirants then it is Jeetu Bhaiya here who scores. Some of the life lessons are something that you can take home from his character that deserves a spin off of his own(TVF are you listening)! A wonderful display by everyone!


The second season of Kota Factory showcases a human side of the competitive exams which is raw and relatable at the same time! And may I add it is aptly titled as a ‘Factory’. Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Recommended!

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