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Koshish 1972 Hindi Movie Review


Shreya Agrawal
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Star cast:- Sanjeev Kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Asrani, Om Shivpuri, Seema Deo 

Directed By:- Gulzar 

Produced by:- Raj N. Sippy, Romu N. Sippy 

Music by:- Madan Mohan


INTRODUCTION: Wondering! Why to invest time in watching a movie from 1970s in lockdown weekend- “Koshish is the movie which surely will bring positivity in our souls and an attitude of living happy life always!” This movie gives inspiration on how to live life even in such difficult situations. The situations which are out of our control. Can you recall any movie where main characters have no dialogues in entire script only the body language!! Very rare in Indian Cinema!! “SILENCE IS THE CLIMAX OF SOUND” perfectly defines this movie.

Story and Screen Play

Koshish is a gift of Indian Cinema to art and theatre. Koshish is romantic drama and a movie based on human relationships and emotions. The film is inspired by Japanese movie “Happiness of us Alone”. The movie evolves around the life of a deaf and dumb couple Hari (Played by Sanjeev Ji) and Aarti (Played by Jaya Ji) and their common friend Uncle Narayan (Om Shivpuri Ji), who portrays the role of a blind man in the movie. Two young individuals, Hari and Aarti (surrounded with the brutality of the world) met accidentally on the street and formed a bond of friendship over their common suffering. Their friendship grew with time into love through understanding and their silence became the way to communicate. They started their married life with bare minimum family income. Aarti being a sincere homemaker and least expectations always supported Hari in his professional journey too. Their life turns into a trauma when they lost their first child because of Kanu’s (Aarti’s Brother) greedy behaviour. Kanu greed turns a big tragedy for him when he loses one of his legs in an accident (Karma is a really bitch, you will notice as the movie proceeds). The strong bond between Aarti and Hari didn’t let them giving up on life, Hari worked hard as cobbler, Newspaper boy and took various kind of job to fulfil desires and wants of their second child Amit (Ajit called by Narayan Uncle). Amit’s upbringing and best of class education won’t have been successful without Narayan’s support. It is very surprising to see how three friends (two deaf and dumb) and one blind were able to raise the child with such a strong communication without uttering a single word. Hari’s hard work as a factory worker took him into new heights and promoted him manager in charge. Unexpected invitation by Hari’s senior manager to the dinner and marriage proposal of his daughter with Hari’s son, left Hari surprised. Amit becomes dilemmatic when he comes to know the manager’s daughter is deaf and dumb and he recalls his whole circle of life about his parents and their struggles. Hari didn’t only convinced his son for marriage but also shared with Amit how Hari and Aarti even without any conversations raised a child into the intelligent man and became best of parents and achieved success which even many of normal people couldn’t. People blessed with all 5 senses don’t actual realize how lucky they are and instead of building a strong communication with their loved ones, their conversation most of times turns into chaos because of lack of mutual understanding and ego.


The movie has least of verbal dialogues and best of dialogue through silent art. The verbal dialogues played by supporting characters are well scripted with strong messages and sense of not giving up throughout. It is well directed movie by Gulzar. It is pure Art movie can say! This movie defines imagination and creativity at its best


Outstanding performances by Sanjeev Ji, Jaya Ji and Om Shivpuri and entire crew. Expressions said it all. Not for even a single moment, performance was missed even with least of words. All the characters played their script well. Although few dialogues and style of acting may be irrelevant or overly dramatic of millennial and Gen Y generation of ours.


Always believe in yourself. “This situation too shall pass”. Grab a tub of popcorn and watch this movie. Although a few points you may feel few background setup and few scenes are over dramatic for our generation. But the star cast, acting and message of the movie is Awesome.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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