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Kaun? Who Did It? (Season 2)

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A while back I had reviewed a lesser known show on Flipkart Video called Kaun? Who did It? Why was the show special? Firstly, the show did fall under the genre Whodunnit which is one of my favourite genres if done right. Secondly, this was an interactive show that proceeded just like a game. At the end of each episode, the audience were given four choices(or suspects) with one of them the killer. The stakes were definitely raised in a show when you would win something each time your answer was right. Well that same show has come up with its second season. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

There are 25 episodes in season 2 with each episode throwing up a new case. The format of the show which was the USP of season 1 remains the same. But, this time around the cases are even more hard to crack than the last time around. There are a few clues thrown about in the narrative but sometimes it is the subtext that needs to be observed more. The episodes are even more cerebral and add the right kind of tonic to end your day on your high. I have always been a fan of solving puzzles and watching investigative crime thrillers, this provides another satisfying experience. Also, the length of each episode is just right with a capping limit being around 22 minutes. In other words, the screenplay keeps you hooked and booked throughout and ends on a cliffhanger promising another season.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cerebral and force you to think on the eventual outcome. Sometimes they make you second guess yourselves too, this time all the more, so watch out. You need to remain attentive throughout. The BGM nicely enhances the watching experience. There are three directors of this series – Umesh Bist, Saket Yadav and Asif Malik. Now I am not sure who has directed which episode but the direction is fabulous and you are invested in the drama throughout.


The performances are mainly comprising of our two main leads – our very own Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Sushant Singh and Samvedna Suwalka and both of them are fabulous like in season 1. Samvedna as Malini Bidre is even better than season 1, much more confident and in control. I really wish to watch more of her going forward. And the veteran Sushant Singh as Adi looks handsome as ever in his salt and pepper look and does a fabulous job. Their banter involving coffee is amazing to watch. The two of them create magic onscreen.


The season 2 of Kaun? Who did it? Is a notch better than season 1 in terms of the cases on display that keeps your mind ticking throughout. Trust me when I say this, this show is a stress buster and a lot of fun! Out of 25, I scored close to 18, how many did you get? Available on Flipkart Video and Highly Recommended.

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