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Kathmandu Connection

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Onto the next release of the weekend and I have just finished watching Kathmandu Connection on Sony Liv. The thing with the content on Sony Liv is that it is underrated and never mediocre. Right from the time of its OTT launch, I feel that amongst all OTT platforms, Sony Liv is underrated and does not get enough credit. Their content seems to be carefully curated. But one drawback is that they do not promote their new content enough and this is something they could work on. But having said that is Kathmandu Connection worth your time over the weekend, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Kathmamdu Connection is the story of an officer murdered while a reporter is being stalked against the backdrop of the ’93 bomb blasts in Mumbai. What is the connection? The story is quite thrilling to watch. The screenplay is a bit of a slow burner. It takes time to unfold and focusses on the characters and building the wirld around them. It will require a little patience initially. But once you are sucked in, there are rewards to reap. There are several twists and turns particularly towards the end that will keep you engaged. If anything there is a slight dip in the middle but that seemed to be necessary for the last episode where you get to unmask who is behind this. I won’t say that the screenplay is perfect, but it has enough ingredients to keep you invested.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are indeed well written. The music comprises of a couple of songs that blend well with the narrative. I also thoroughly enjoyed the BGM which really made many scenes stand out. A word on the art design which was thoroughly impressive with good colour palletes to portray. Director Sachin Pathak who had also directed the Sony Liv show A Simple Murder, has done a good job once again.  He definitely knows how to build a story add the right amount of thrill to it.


Vedika Dutt and Zakir Hussain impress in wonderful cameos. Gopal Datt as Hitesh is very impressive in a serious role with zero humour. It was heartening to watch him in a totally new role even though a relatively smaller one. Anurag Arora as Mishra is top notch. Anshuman Pushkar as Om AKA Sunny may not seem threatening in his appearance. But the way he mouths his dialogues ever so slowly he adds a layer that could give you chills. Excellent job done. Aksha Pardasany as Shivani is probably the find of the series for me. She had a layered role and she delivers an outstanding performance. Which brings me to Amit Sial who as DCP Samarth quietly delivers yet another towering performance without any fuss. I find him quite underrated and he is an excellent actor too. Slowly but surely he is getting the desired meaty roles and he is nailing them one by one!


Kathmandu Connection is another good thriller and another winner from SonyLiv. It is well worth your time over the weekend.

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