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Kasada Thapara

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This is unbelievable! Another weekend brings with it another anthology! It truely has been raining anthologies and I am actually worried that a genre that was once considered a niche does not become a bit of an overkill. Any which way, if there is a new release, more often than not you will find our review on it. And with that I have just finished watching the new Tamil Film Kasada Thapara on SonyLiv which by the way has now ventured into films and series that are non Hindi as well. And if after reading the review you would be wondering as to why is this review in a normal format instead of the anthology one, it is because this is an anthology similar to Ludo. In other words, the stories are interconnected. So then is this brand new movie worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Kasada Thapara comprises of 6 stories interconnected with one another. This sort of a concept has been observed in the Hollywood Film Cloud Atlas or more recently in the Bollywood Film Ludo. The story here provides different shades of life and how a single action by an individual has the power to impact many other lives, something on the lines of The Butterfly Effect. The story is quite unique here. The screenplay is well written for most parts. It really begins on a good note with a sweet love story. Once the drama shifts to the second story, I must admit it took me sometime to settle into the theme of the film. The second and third stories had their screenplay a little dragged although both of them were watchable and had an impact in the larger scheme of things too. But the screenplay in the last three stories really picks up the film with so many emotions on display. The last two especially are gut wrenching with the way the story unfolds that may force you to shed a tear. But the final twist, thereby completing a full circle is pretty interesting and extremely well done in connecting the dots in the dying minutes of the film(unintentional pun when you see the film). All in all, a good job with the screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well written. The music is different and stands out throughout(composed by 6 different music directors). The BGM works well in favour of the film too. Director Chimbu Deven does a good job with the story at hand. It is not everyday that you get to work with six different stories that you eventually try and give it a perfect end by joining the dots. Well, he does exactly that which means a job well done.


The performances are extremely good here. Premgi Amaren as Bala is such an earnest character that you can’t help but falling in love with him. Regina Cassandra as Trisha looks very pretty and is wonderfully restrained. Shanthnu Bhagyaraj as Isaac definitely leaves a mark. Harish Kalyan as Krishnamurthy has a good presence and does a fine job. The ever reliable Sundeep Kishan as RNA Kanda is absolutely first rate. Priya Bhavani Shankar as Kanmani does a fabulous job. I was very impressed by Vijayalakshmi too as Sundari who puts a lot of soul in her role and really makes you emotional. Venkat Prabhu as Samyuthan is wonderful and again a performance that will leave you teary eyed. Overall a good outing by everyone.


Kasada Thapara is a unique movie watching experience that will set you on a roller coaster ride. Available on SonyLiv.

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