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Kaali Peeli Tales

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Another Day another anthology. This is probably my third anthology review in less than a month with Feels Like Ishq and Navarasa being the other two. Mostly it is Netflix who has been the frontrunner as far as Anthologies are concerned. And there is another one coming up too on Netflix. But this weekend released a very special Anthology which I was really looking forward to – Kaali Peeli Tales comprising of 6 shorts with each ending in Taxi(Kaali Peeli). And it has finally premiered on Amazon Mini TV! It is worth your time, lets find out in our standard Anthology Template(with Navarasa being an exception).

Marriage 2.0:

A story of a young couple discussing a possibility of getting attracted to someone else while still being in love. A fresh concept that had quite an interesting screenplay. While it began on a slowish note, the situations that were created in the screenplay really had this young vibe to it. The emotions here on display were complex and it requires some amount of skill to convey the right message across at the end. And this is where Director Adeeb Rais(who had directed all of the 6 shorts) shows his exemplary skills. He treads a balanced narrative without swaying either way which would perhaps have derailed the film. Excellent Direction here! The performances here are the best among all shorts. Mrinmayee Godbole and Varun Tewari are both fabulous. Maanvi Gagroo(such a natural onscreen) and Hussain Dalal(impeccable comic timing) are screen stealers! This one is Highly Recommended!!

Marriage 2.0 Rating: 4/5

Harra Bharra:

A complex story revolving around a family as they patiently await guests at their place. And I say complex because I even had a hard time writing a one-liner for it! This one is easily my most favourite of the lot! The screenplay is delicate and layered, with each layer opening a can of worms in a gentle manner. To keep the core of the plot intact I won’t be revealing any of the plot points but the screenplay here put a wide smile on my face. Director Adeeb Rais has done a brilliant job here as well handling a delicate subject with utnost ease. Kavya Thapar is simply outstanding and the veterans Vinay Pathak and Soni Razdan being such great actors are in complete control throughout. It was just a pleasure watching them onscreen. Highly Highly Recommended!

Harra Bharra Rating: 4.5/5

Love In Tadoba:

A Story of two commitment-phobic opposites getting attracted to each other. Would love find a way out? The story is sweet and simple, this one being a little more in the relatable space. The screenplay here is pretty straightforward but there are several heartwarming moments that will keep you invested here. Director Adeeb Rais has done a fine job here as well but it is the actor Adeeb Rais(yes he has acted in this one) that definitely puts his best foot forward. A character which might seem a little pushy at first to slowly seeing his other side, it was a job well done. Likewise for Inayat Sood who is fabulous to watch and has a towering screenpresence in an equally complex character with many shades. The chemistry between the two is pretty good. This one is a sweet little tale of love and attraction.

Love In Tadoba Rating: 3.5/5

Single Jhumka:

By now you would have got the gist that all stories have either a layered screenplay or complex characters, and this is no different! A story of a woman confessing to crossing the line in her relationship with her fiance’. If you look at the story from the face of it, this may seem simple. But if you dig deeper, the emotions are complex. The screenplay addresses exactly that and more. The mood of the drama is quite serious here which forces the audience to question on what is right and what is wrong and whether situations can still be mended. I just had one small criticism here that it did seem a little dragged in parts. But nevertheless a good screenplay that hits the right notes. Director Adeeb Rais is able to address these complex emotions pretty well that allows the audience to form their own judgement over the situations and characters. Priyanshu Painyuli is such an underrated actor and here he is simply brilliant. Bhuwan Arora has his moments to shine. But the film is shouldered by Sayani Gupta who is yet again terrific in a conflicted character. This one is a pretty interesting watch.

Single Jhumka Rating: 3.5/5

Fish Fry Aur Coffee:

A story that traces the lives of two individuals after they are free from jail. The story gently tugs the strings of your heart here as you witness the guilt and sacrifice of the two individuals. The screenplay almost unfolds like a slice of life as you as an audience get a sneak peek into the lives of the two individuals. And the way the story ends, it fills your heart with a lot of hope. Another winner by Adeeb Rais whose direction skills are impressive particularly here. This could so easily have been a bit drab but the conversations created here were fabulous to witness. Sadiya Siddiqui and Manka Kaur have their moments to shine. Gaurav Arora does quite well as the man who is guilt ridden and thereby depressed. But it is Sharib Hashmi who is excellent in probably a tailor made role for him. He is one actor who is slowly carving a niche for himself. This one is Highly Recommended!

Fish Fry Aur Coffee Rating: 4/5

Loose Ends:

A story of a man who struggles to come out of a closet and confess his sexuality to his wife. The story is good here and yes it addresses and important stigma that is still is prevalent in our society. But the issue here was that the approach wasn’t too novel. The screenplay was good but I felt it was slightly preachy and a tad too long. Director Adeeb Rais does a pretty good job here as well handling a delicate subject, perhaps a few minutes could have been chopped off on the edit table. Gauahar Khan is such an underrated actor, and she is just fabulous here too. Rajit Kapur has a few moments to shine. Sid Menon is pretty good and Tanmay Dhanania is pretty impressive as well!

Loose Ends Rating: 3/5

Kaali Peeli Tales is another winner in the anthology genre. It is fast becoming one of my favourite genres although the reviews take a good amount of time to be penned down. Available on Amazon Mini TV for free(on your Amazon app), This one is Highly Recommended.

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