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Jungle Cruise

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It is Monday and I decided to handpick another film that is sitting in my watchlist for long. With the theatres opening, I decided to watch Jungle Cruise that will be premiering on Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday. I have always been fascinated with adventure movies where the characters are on the run looking for treasure or likewise something similar. And so I was really looking forward to this one especially since it was coming from Disney studio. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Jungle Cruise follows the story of a group of people looking for a particular tree in the jungle that is the cure for life. The story has all the ingredients that you would wish for in an adventure movie. The screenplay is also fun filled and will keep you entertained throughout. Like in all Disney movies, there is a backstory provided following which the main story starts. The screenplay here caters to the entire family and thus this can be enjoyed over a leisurely afternoon with friends and family. The parts involving the journey and the adventure are exquisite and they will definitely keep you engaged. On the downside, the screenplay lags a bit and in the middle gets slightly repetitive too. Had the extra flab been removed from the screenplay then the film would have been crisper with a much lesser runtime. But the action sequences are the VFX are excellent and will keep you entertained throughout. Overall, a pretty fun filled screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty well written and they play a vital role in holding your attention too. The BGM gels well with the drama and the cinematography is outstanding. The colour pallete used and the production design is refreshing and it fleshes out the jungle a lot better. The VFX are excellent and the sole reason to watch this film. Director Jaume Collet-Serra has done a pretty good job with the gloss. Had the extra flab being edited out, this would have been an adventure to savour but still the direction is first rate.


The performances are pretty good. Jack Whitehall as Houghton has done a swell job. The main antagonist Prince Joachim essayed by Jesse Plemons is good but he could have been  little more intimidating in my book especially when you have The Rock opposite you. Dwayne Johnson as Frank is such a superstar, he does everything that is required of him. And my favourite Emily Blunt as Lily is absoluty smashing and yet again she hits the ball out of the park.


Jungle Cruise is a fun filled adventure ride that will keep you entertained throughout. Available in a theatre near you and releasing on Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday 12th Nov’21.

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