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Jersey 2019 Telugu Sports Movie


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In 2019 at New York City, A young man buys a book called Jersey from a bookstall but gives it away to a woman who came in to buy the book. When the woman asks for the reason why he gave her the book, the man replies that the book is on the life of his father, Arjun. In 1986 at Hyderabad, Arjun is an immensely talented Ranji player who is in love with Sarah. Arjun quits cricket when he repeatedly gets rejected to play in the Indian team, due to selection politics. He is given a government job under sports quota, but loses it when he is accused of bribery.

10 years later in 1996, the 36-year old Arjun is jobless and always scolded by his wife Sarah, for not consulting a lawyer to get his job back since he is innocent. Their seven-year-old son Nani, who plays for his school cricket team, asks Arjun for an Indian jersey. Arjun comes to know that the jersey costs ₹500, and despite not having the money, he promises his son that he will gift him the jersey for his birthday. Arjun finally consults a lawyer for losing his job, but is told that he cannot get his job back until he pays the lawyer. Left with no option, Arjun starts asking money from his friends to buy the jersey but is not successful. Arjun’s ex-coach Murthy approaches him with a request to play in a charity match being planned between the Hyderabad cricket team and New Zealand. Arjun is promised a match fee of ₹1000 as a match fee and based on his performance, a job as the assistant coach. Arjun plays the match and gives a wonderful performance in the match, but finds out that there is no match fee. When Nani asks him for the jersey, Arjun slaps him in a fit of depression.

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