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Jab we met - the WE for each other.
Celebrating 15 years of this beautiful love journey.

Kayomarz Daruwala

Aaoge jab tum o saajna

Angna phool khilenge

Barsega saavan jhoom jhoom ke

Do dil aise milenge

This lines package the story of Jab We Met really well. As it is the story of finding your right one. A journey that starts with a person, realising facts and truth, falling out of it and then eventually finding your right one.Today on it’s 15th anniversary, yes 15th. For real, aao milo chale and how. This film has grown with its time and have built its cult status with time. Rarely do we see that each character of a film are renowned and connected to self.The character of Geet has made every girl feel that they belong and relate to that character. The dialogue, “Main apni favourite hoon” in itself has a cult status and used at various situations and by so many people. Her impulsive nature added with her feelings and her way of looking things have made this role iconic. The first thing you portray when you hear the name of this film is Kareena and her role of Geet.

Whenever we ask top favourite romantic characters or even ask many women about their ideal guy, we get to hear Aditya. Such is the impact of Shahid Kapoor’s Aditya over people. It has just grown with time and the way he portays it in this film is so apt. A perfect cut in taste to the over enthusiastic Geet in the film and a balance that cuts the spice to blend it well.

Meme culture is very strong in today’s time and contributing to it is the character Anshuman, who with time again has mixed views and there have been some different theories on his role and his behaviour. That is the power of writing in this film, where even a second fiddle receives so much attention and talks over his character.

If writing is the body then songs are the soul of this film. May it be the journey covered through ‘Hum jo chalne lage’ and as it says ‘manzil se behtar lagne lage hai’ as the process is in the journey of Aditya and Geet. The song that well summarized Geet and how as a person she was, ‘Nagada’. It well rounded the story of Geet. ‘Ye ishq haye’ this song shows how involved Geet was and determined to meet her love and to be with him. ‘Tum se hi’ rightly gets the essence of Geet’s impact on Aditya’s life and how he leads his life thereon. And in the end ‘Mauja hi Mauja’ celebrates the love and the completion of their arc.

Imtiaz Ali very wonderfully explored the journey of love through different individual journeys and how does Aditya helps Geet whenever she was in mess, knowingly or unknowingly and also how Geet helped Aditya get over his sorrow. As I said, it’s a story about finding your right one or to be precise their own right one. Even Aditya’s mother finds her love later in someone else. Aditya feels betrayed and then finds his love on an unknown journey and Geet realises it later when she goes through the pain given by Anshuman. Jab we met, as the title suggests, meeting of WE – the WE for each other.