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Ittefaq, the 1969 murder mystery movie starring Rajesh Khanna, directed by Yash Chopra was in more ways than one a cult film. It was songless for starters and a genre that wasn’t tapped a lot. This week, its namesake, a spin off of the 1969 classic releases and has a lot riding on it. Does the movie live up to the expectations….lets find out.

Being a murder mystery, I will not be revealing too much of the plot but Ittefaq follows the same story as the former with its own twists and turns. The story is a good one(for those who have already watched the original). The screenplay is what I was interested in. Well, it did not disappoint. The first half was engaging. The second though was quite plain, till the final 15 minutes(no not revealing the climax). Like the original, this movie too is songless. Abhay Chopra shows alot of flair in his directorial debut and definitely is one to watch out for the future.

Sonakshi Sinha as Maya is good. Siddharth Malhotra is decent as Vikram Sethi but it needed a stronger performance. He needs to work on his expressions. Akshaye Khanna as the investigative officer, Dev is top notch and is the sole character who binds the film when it is slipping away. We wish to see him more in such good roles. All the supporting actors are above average to good.

All in all, Ittefaq may not be a cult like the original but is definitely a taut thriller which will make you take notice. Go have a blast this weekend !!

PS : Keep guessing the killer while you watch, for there are clues in the narrative. Stay alert!!

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