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Saloni Thakkar
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The movie revolves around the small town named Derry, where every 27 years later people get missing especially children. Here a group of kids named as ‘The Losers’, come into a picture where they encounter the tragedy leading them to find the invader. 

No matter how funny a clown can be, but they are creepier as well no matter what. C’mon we all can agree on that, right? There’s a face that seems like a wasted boiled egg along with orange hair and a deadly smile that split opens to reveal horrific but disgusting yellow teeth. It calls itself Pennywise the dancing clown.

Story & screenplay

Stephen King is one of my favourite author having written best selling novels in horror, supernatural fiction, fantasy etc. IT has been very well crafted as it captures the essence of young generation. As the movie revolves around kids, portraying kids who are on the verge of hitting puberty, family issues and proving themselves seems a perfect fit. 

The fear along with chemistry between actors and comedy seems a balanced fit. Fitting these components carefully along with understanding the emotional beats that goes in background has made this a potent mix.

Dialogues, music & direction

The great camerawork with the prodigious editing can make anyone jump on the couch with the perfect timing of scary voices. The horror elements with unexpected humour is what brings out the relief. But finding that combination of lighting with tones and face of extreme danger is the perfect ingredient blended to get frightened. 

A slick in direction could have made a disaster.


The movie doesn’t just act as the strong entry but also ends with a suspense that is inevitable and makes it into a sequence. This movie will beat the crap out of you because it makes you feel alive, crazy and freaky at the same time. Let me warn you not to watch this movie alone at the night. If you are the horror fan, don’t miss it.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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