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Indori Ishq

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We are at another weekend with another set of new releases. And so without wasting any time lets get started. And first up I have finished watching a series called Indori Ishq on MX Player. Incidently, this is my third straight review in the Romance Drama Genre, probably all somewhere related to one another. Yes, we get it don’t we? Breakups hurt. It did for me, it would have for you. When I first watched the trailer of Indori Ishq, it seemed promising pushing the protagonist in a dark space. But then knowing MX Player and the content that they release, had made me a little skeptical. Is Indori Ishq worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Indori Ishq follows the story of a teenager who is extremely heart broken after his girlfriend dumps him for another guy. The story is not novel and you might also get vibes of Kabir Singh and Devdas in the story. The screenplay had the potential to be top notch but it ends up being a mixed bag. Some portions are extremely well written, featuring the heartbreak of our protagonist or the people that he meets coupled with a few unexpected twists at the end. Some parts you definitely feel for the protagonist and almost want him to not go down that path which was the right sentiment expected from the audience. But, the down parts are some of the sex scenes that are just not required and just add to the runtime. Also, the initial love story should have been explored a little more for the audience to be emotionally attached to the lead. In addition to this, the screenplay is spread really thin in the middle which means things are repetitive instead of having a move on. So screenplay has its flaws and is a mixed bag that ends in a cliffhanger.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with expletives, and honestly the excessive use of them was a put off. The music is pretty good and songs of Altaf Raja are cleverly integrated in the screenplay that convey the feelings and the mindset of the protagonist. The BGM is good too. Director Samit Kakkad has done a pretty good job here. He hasn’t quite nailed it but his direction is pretty good.


The performances are pretty impressive. Tithi Raaj as Kamna looks gorgeous and has done an excellent job in an underwritten role. Donna Munshi as Reshm has a limited screen tine but she leaves a lasting impact. Meera Joshi as Aliya is terrific. Dheer Hira as Hari again in a smaller role has done a good job. Aashay Kulkarni as Mahesh is a character you may not like in the beginning but he is outstanding as the friend of the protagonist. Vedika Bhandari as Tara is a character that could potential make you angry which means she was brilliant. But the star of the show and by some margin is Ritvik Sahore as Kunal. There are so many shades to the character, so many emotions and Ritvik nails it perfectly. There are certain instances where you may find the character to be problematic but the way he has performed, the sympathy of the audience manages to stay with him for most parts. It is his performance majorly that makes this series decently watchable, hiding some of its flaws.


Indori Ishq is a decent one-time watch. Available on MX Player.

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