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Imaikkaa Nodigal 2018 Thriller Telugu Movie Review

Imaikkaa Nodigal

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A serial killer (Anurag Kashyap) disrupts peace in Bengaluru by kidnapping. He goes by the name of the highly notorious serial killer Rudra, who was announced dead five years ago. After another such case, in which the CBI are involved headed by Anjali Vikramadithyan IPS (Nayanthara), he goes live and declares himself as the deceased Rudra. He insists that Rudra is still alive and announces that he is now back in action. Anjali, who dealt with the earlier case of Rudra, is appointed to deal with him. 

In a parallel storyline in Chennai, Anjali’s brother, Dr. Arjun Prabakar (Atharvaa), is facing a rough time in his relationship with Krithika Rao (Raashi Khanna) as they have eventually break up. To make it up to her, he and his friend Vinoth (Ramesh Thilak) travel to Bengaluru to meet her, but Arjun horribly enters the deadly scene between Rudra and Anjali. The cat-and-mouse game gets too intense when Rudra brings Arjun into the game by kidnapping Krithika and demanding a ransom from her father. In an effort to save Krithika, Arjun follows Rudra’s orders and gets framed as “Rudra”, making things much more complicated for him. Anjali is suspended, her family gets under house arrest, and Officer Narayan (Devan) takes over the case.

After a series of clues, Arjun deduces that ACP Martin Roy is the new Rudra and is trying to kill Krithika. He fights with Martin, only to get beaten badly. At the end of the fight, Martin reveals that he is not the actual Rudra and was very close to finding out who Rudra was. That is when he got suspended and Anjali had taken over the case. Martin then reveals that Rudra was Anjali. Feeling betrayed, Martin went rogue, murdered his wife, and staged three murders similar to the ones that “Rudra” had done. 

When Arjun confronts Anjali, she reveals her motive, and in the process, the real cause of the death of her husband Vikramadithyan (Vijay Sethupathi), who died in an accident caused by four men who hit his head badly and made him suffer major blood loss. Though Anjali requests them for help, they consider their safety purpose and kill Vikram and beat Anjali. To avenge her husband’s death, Anjali creates a serial killer called Rudra and kills the men responsible for Vikram’s death under the name. When she kills the last one, she declares him as Rudra and closes the case. Together, Arjun and Anjali manipulate Martin using Narayan, and Martin is killed. The film closes with Arjun and Krithika reconciling and Anjali’s daughter Shalini (Manasvi Kottachi) listening to a recording of Vikram’s last words for her.

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