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As promised a brand new review till the rest of this month and I have just finished watching the new Kannada film Ikkat on Amazon Prime. There have been quite a few stories that have been made and set against the backdrop of corona and the lockdown which took place last year. It amazes me that so many filmmakers are resorted to this and so many stories are waiting to be told. So then is Ikkat worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Ikkat is the story of the misadventures of a  bickering couple who are stuck together during the lockdown. The story is quirky with a few elements of horror thrown in(although still in the comic space). The films like these shouldn’t be questioned for logic but there should be abundance of humour to keep you invested. Here, the screenplay is a mixed bag although true to the story thereby being quirky. Right from the opening act you get a glimpse of the couple and their antics. Soon the story keeping pressing ahead with the introduction of new characters that are introduced all while the existing characters are in a lockdown. Some of the humour will definitely make you chuckle while in some places you will find yourself rolling your eyes. At times there is a lag in the screenplay. Standing at 125 minutes, almost 15 minutes could have been chopped off from the runtime to make it a little crisp. The areas involving the tiktoker are hilarious but the ones featuring the neighbour are a little irritating. This culminates into a good end that will leave a smile on your face. Overall a decently penned screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and fun to witness. The music is decent and blends well with the drama. Direction by Esham and Haseen Khan is pretty good. To be fair, pulling off a script with all characters in the same location is not easy and at times it can get tedious too. But here for moat parts, the drama moves forward well and so it is attributed a lot to the direction which is impressive.


The performances are excellent. RJ Vikki as the blonde haired tiktoker is hilarious and you will find yourself smiling each time he is onscreen. Sunder as Karna definitely leaves a mark. Bhoomi Shetty as Jhanvi is first rate and extremely confident with a good screen presence. Nagabhushana as Vasu is also pretty good. Both the dynamics between him and Jhanvi is fun to watch.


Ikkat is a quirky comedy set against the backdrop of the lockdown that can be watched once. Available on Amazon Prime.

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