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How I Became A Superhero

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For my midweek review, I was scrolling through new international films on Netflix and out of nowhere I saw this movie trending in India. It was a French Superhero film named How I Became a Superhero. Naturally since I love the genre, I decided to watch it. I have been a fan of Marvel Superheroes and a few of the DC ones too. I felt it was about right to witness a superhero outside these two universes. So then is this movie worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Set in Paris, How I Became A Superhero follows the story of the police investigating a new drug that are giving normal people superpowers even as the existing set of superheroes have assimilated. The story has all the ingredients of being this dark superhero story. The screenplay though is a little up and down. I had pacing issues too in the screenplay. Because it is touted as a superhero movie, I was expecting many clashes and action sequences which would get my adrenaline racing. However, that is not the case. While there are a few action sequences, none od them really are exciting to watch. The final clash at the end is also just about average. In other words, the drama moves at the same pace, there are very few high points. On the positive front, the screenplay isn’t too long, rather to the point. The superhero is more real and human as compared to being over the top. And the screenplay is watchable despite being devoid of the excitement. Overall, a hit and a miss screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The Dialogues are adequate, nothing really to shout about. The BGM is outstanding and it really does a lot in contributing to the drama, almost to a point in saving a few scenes too. Director Douglas Attal has done a decent job. Considering this to be an origin story, his direction is quite good.


The performances are pretty good. Leila Bekhti as Callista is brilliant particularly in the combat sequences. Vimala Pons as Cecile makes her presence felt with a very nuanced performance. Swanb Arlaud as Naja should have been more intimidating but that is how his character was written. The antagonist needed to spit venom to raise the stakes here. Pio Marmai as Moreau has done a fabulous job. It is he who is the glue here and holds the proceedings together.


How I Became A Superhero is a decent superhero flick that can be watched once for its performances. Available on Netflix.

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