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House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

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The incidents that are shown on news channels these days are nothing short of a joke. Some of the most ridiculous piece of story with an even more laughable title is often passed off as news which is manipulative and also lapped up by many families who tune in to various channels for ‘entertainment’. But every now and then there is a story that is so shocking and spine-chilling that it indeed catches the imagination of the nation. There are various unsolved and unanswered mysteries like the Aarushi Talwar murder case that was as shocking as also a whodunnit. In 2018, a similar case that shook the entire nation was the Burari Deaths in Delhi which comprised of 11 members of a family found hung from the ceiling. This weekend, Netflix which is known for some great documentaries, came up with House Of Secrets : The Burari Deaths based on the investigation behind the same incident. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

House of Secrets : The Burari Deaths follows the investigation behind the mysterious ‘suicide’ of 11 members of a family comprising of 7 women and 4 men that included a 15 year old too. The 3 part docuseries unfolds like a thriller which is a far cry from the ones that you may see in Crime Patrol and CID. This was real and it showcased the point of views of the police, the press and the family and friends. The various angles of this twisted case that had sent a shiver down the spines of many is touched upon in a balanced narrative that goes beyond the psyche of the crime. The points on the supernatural coupled with that of mental health and trauma were being discussed which was so refreshing to watch. The fact of the matter is that today’s generation(including mine) suffer from depression, a term just loosely used these days. The stigma of the society is such that we don’t often talk about it and glad that this was discussed at length here culminating into an end that does leave your jaws dropped. A brilliant narrative this one!


The series opens with what can easily be termed as a spine chilling event. Although the actual bodies aren’t shown for obvious reasons, it has enough stuff to play with your mind and potentially leave you thinking about the case after the series has ended. The first episode deals with the authorities investigating this shocking event on whether this was indeed a suicide or murder. Come the second episode, the narrative shifts towards the media trial that is touched upon as well as the supernatural element related to one of the victims. This indeed will give you the creeps. The third episode takes you into the psyche of one of the victims with topics like Psychosis and Depression being discussed at length. While this is a satisfying watch, it leaves you brooding about the entire case and how easily it could affect you and me in a completely different setting.

My Take

If you were wondering why it took me so long to pen a review when I had already finished watching the series yesterday, it is because I was indeed left speechless. This was a spine chilling watch that indeed made my jaw drop. This series is probably a mirror as to how far a human mind can waver if not controlled. It is easy to just ‘say’ that you are in depression, but depression is a serious issue and requires professional help. Gone are the days where you wouldn’t want to discuss things because you felt it wasn’t right or if you felt that only you are going through it. If there is anyone reading this who needs help, please do so immediately. Secondly, blind faith is always dangerous whether it is for a politician or a superstar or even religion. You need to ask questions like What, How, Where, Why instead of blindly following a herd mentality. This series showcases exactly that – a cult of sorts with religious/family belief that wasn’t questioned by anyone. Thirdly, the media trial needs to stop. Just sensationalizing news for the same of TRP is again a detriment for the society and the nation. Hope better sense will prevail soon!


House of Secrets : The Burari Deaths is one of the most disturbing and shocking documentaries that I have watched this year. Available on Netflix and Highly Highly Recommended!

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