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House of Gucci 2021 English Movie Review

House of Gucci

Shreya Agrawal
4 Star popcorn reviewss

Screenplay by: Becky Johnston, Roberto Bentivegna 

Directed by: Ridley Scott 

Starring: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino 

Produced by: Ridley Scott, Giannina Scott, Kevin J. Walsh, Mark Huffam 

Music by: Harry Gregson-Williams


“Luxury is when it becomes your lifestyle!” & Gucci certainly is the synonym used of the word “Luxury” Ever thought how the big luxurious brands are built, Those are not overnight stories! Certainly it takes generations, persistence and perfection to make it worth! “Gucci, a dream of every Woman, a class for every Gentleman”. 

Let’s find out stories behind the brand Gucci inspired by real life incident through “House of Gucci”

Story and Screen Play

The Movie starts inside the House of Gucci. “Gucci” which is actually family of Guccis and their business of fine artistic pieces of Shoes, Bags and what not with finest quality of leather and craftmanship. The movie is set in Italy where the brand Gucci was born from the last name of its co-founders, the original Guccis and the ultimate assasination of Maurizio Gucci (Last Gucci to be among Board member of the company Gucci). 

Let’s find out the story. The Young Patrizia Regganiani (Played by Lady Gaga) who belongs to a middle class family of Italy whose father has trucking business in place traps Maurizio (played by Adam Driver) into her love affair. Rodaldo (Played by Jeremy Irons) denied the love of his son of Patrizia which ultimately leads to family conflicts and destroys the father-son relationship to a great extent. Maurizio marries Patrizia and joind the trucking Business. The uncle Aldo Gucci (Played by Al Pacino) introduces Patrizia into the Fashion House of Guccis’. Who knew the future that Aldo who defined the luxury to the best will die of poverty along with his son Paolo (Jared Lato)!!

Paolo is unintelligent son of Aldo who aspires to be designer for Fashion House of Gucci. Patrizia tries to take control over the shares of Gucci sidelining Paolo and his son. Rodaldo gifts his son his shares of Fashion house Gucci before his death. However, Patrizia becomes amibitious and greedy over time and tries to break all family bonds for owing entire business of Gucci. She even manipulate Paolo against his son father Aldo and sends Aldo to Jail. Maurizio starts running the entire famiy business. Paolo realizes his mistakes and try to help his father but it becomes too late for them to enter again into business as all the authorities has been already controlled by Maurizio before Aldo returns from 5 years of tenure in Jail. In the meantime, Maurizio starts realizing the clever intentions of Patrizia and builds distance from her and their daughter and ultimately breaks all the bond of her. She starts consulting Giuseppina “Pina”, a psychic and follows her direction even if it is evil sometimes.Initially, Patrizia and Maurizio decided to ask Aldo to sell his shares to them but Paolo denies and breaks his relationship with them. Patrizio influences Maurizio to play dirty politics because of which Italian police tries to arrest Maurizio for faking his father’s signature and hence the couple leave for switzerland. Maurizio meets a old female friend Paola Franchi and starts developing feelings for her and sends his wife back to Italy. This baffles Patrizia and the misfortune of Gucci family was on its way.

Maurizio recruits up-and-coming designer Tom Ford to revitalize the company’s image through a new product line, may be it was the first introduction to “affordable luxury”. Ford’s products are successful, but unimpressed with Maurizio’s business strategies, Investcorp’s leaders buys Maurizio out, replacing him with Ford and De Sole. In the meantime, Patrizia plans for Maurizio’s killing with the help of Pina. In the broad day light, Maurizio Gucci was assasinated by Hitmen outside his own residence. Aldo dies of Cancer afterwards and his son Paolo for poverty which was an end to the family business who had given all their life and their last name “Gucci” to now a private luxurious brand House of fashion brand name “Gucci”. 

We, as generation have so much to learn of history apart from just thinking of a pair of shoes as a brand. It takes a lot to build such brand!


Music and directions are perfectly in line with the story. Few of the Scenes could have been improvished because there were way high expectations set from the such famous startcasts in the film. Performances were just apt and original. Lady Gaga ended it with a bang. Adam Driver played the perfect Maurizio. Jared, Jeremy, Al Pacino really portraited the original characters outstandingly well.


“House of Gucci” is not just story of a dysfunctional family and a lovestory which turns into revenge. But, it is more than that. A brand which defines Luxury, what all it took to make it happen. 

This movie will make you wonder what it may have taken to make the most favourite branded stuff in your closet to become your “Favourite Precious Brand”. 4 stars for this master piece and my ultimate love Gucci.


Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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