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It has been almost a year and a half now since I am working from Home. While I do miss going to office at times, but I have also got the opportunity to spend ample amount of time at my place which is kind of refreshing. Earlier home was a place which I visited outside my office hours only which says a lot. And with that I have just finished watching #Home, a brand new Malayalam Movie on Amazon Prime, an industry which is now my favourite. It has a certain quality to its films. Off late there have been hard hitting dramas or thrillers that have hit home, this one though is a family drama which makes it all the more refreshing. So then is #Home worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

#Home follows the story of a technically challenged man who struggles to stay connected and communicate with his children in the modern age of social media. The story has that sense of relativity wherein parents are often adapting to stay connected with their children even if it means to slowly learning new technologies in order to have meaningful conversations with their children. This while the children either brush them aside or are blind to the amount of efforts put in by their parents. At some point, we have all been guilty of it. So while witnessing this tale, I had a smile on my face throughout. The screenplay of over 2.5 hours seemed mammoth for a family drama but trust me when I say this, 2.5 hours went off like a breeze. The screenplay is so well written particularly in the first hour that you will have a wide smile on your face throughout! The small relatable scenarios are tactfully thrown in into this slice of life film. So you have the father learning how to use a smartphone, throwing in terms like ‘What Soap’ to try and gel in with his children and at the very heart begin communicating in a language that they understand and relate to! The twist at the halfway mark with leave you in splits. In the second hour, there is a slight dip although it is only relative to the exceptional first half. Soon the catalyst used in the second hour which seemed slightly forced, did its bit to bring the story back on track. There are a few lags in the second hour but not enough to bore you. In other words, you will be engaged in the drama from start to finish and will be moved in a climax that gently tugs the strings of your heart. The screenplay is a brilliant display of writing!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are filled with quirky one-liners that are relatable and funny to witness. Also the emotions that the dialogues are ablr to bring out is beautiful to watch! The music blends well with the drama, the BGM is beautiful too! The production value is exceptional that gives this fresh vibe to the story. The camerawork is brilliant as usual. Director Rojin Thomas has done a tremendous job keeping things light and frothy yet relatable. It brings me to think that this story might be very close to his heart and from one of the chapters of his life. Brilliant Direction!


The performances are heartwarming. Vijay Babu as Dr. Franklin shines though I felt his track to be a little forced. Deepa Thomas as Priya has her moments to shine. Johny Antony as Suryan is fabulous, so is Asha Aravind, Priyanka Nair and Minon. Kainakary Thankaraj as Appachan has very few dialogues but it is his presence that puts a smile on your face. Manju Pillai as Kuttiyamma is brilliant, a mother who is hard on the outside but soft like a coconut from the inside. Nalsen Gafoor whom we saw last week in Kuruthi is brilliant as Charles. He represents the youth of today and brilliantly portrayed. Sreenath Bhasi as Antony has so many shades to him. This was a wonderfully balanced act where you can’t quite like him nor can you completely hate him. Wonderfully restrained! But my favourite character was that of the father essayed by Indrans. As Oliver Twist(yes that is his name), he exudes so many feelings for the audience. You empathize with him and root for him throughout as he makes you smile and gently shed a tear. Brilliant acting of the highest order!


#Home is perhaps the Best Family Drama of 2021! And at the cost of repeating myself – Another winner from The Malayalam Film Industry. Request you to stay at Home and watch this one with your parents(and try not to use your phone while watching it). Available on Amazon Prime and Highly Recommended!

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