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Back in school, there are many teachers who teach you different subjects but usually you are close to that one teacher who goes beyond the subject and transforms you. Based on a book, ‘Front of the Class’, this week’s release Hichki is another attempt of Bollywood to take on the education system. Does it pass with flying colours ….lets find out.

Hichki follows the story of a first time teacher suffering from Tourette Syndrome, given a duty to teach a class of supposedly hooligans. And in between the ‘Cha Cha’ and ‘Waa Waa’ you get fireworks. The story though not entirely fresh has a lot going for it. The screenplay even though predictable is quite breezy. No complaints there. The music is decent. Siddharth P Malhotra(no not the actor) who last directed ‘We are Family’ is in good form here and does a good job with the proceedings.

Neeraj Kabi as the snobbish professor is quite good. All the kids in the movie have done a great job. But the film rests on the shoulders of Rani Mukerji who has given a performance noteworthy of a National Award. Her character could have so easily passed off as a caricature but she just blows life into her character of Naina Mathur. Welcome back Rani!!

This movie should be used as a case study in all schools and colleges. This movie is a little gem and deserves to be watched. The movie hasn’t got great reviews, but as my friend Mariyam rightly put it, if this was an Aamir Khan film this would have got 4 stars!!

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