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The weekend is here and it is the Money Heist weekend! Part 1 of Season 5 would have been out by the time you are reading this review and we promise we will get to it soon! But other than that we have plenty of other releases too, making this an exciting weekend! So lets get to each one of them and first up I have finished watching the new Hindi Film on Zee5, Helmet. One of the major issues with the country is the large population. It is said that India will go past China to become the country with the highest population in a few years time. This is alarming in a country where sex is considered a taboo! It might still be a fact that people might be reluctant to use contraceptive measures despite it being the 21st Century. Helmet(a code word of sorts for condoms) tackles the similar subject. Does it manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Helmet follows the story of a man who in order to earn money for his wedding, steals a few boxes with his friends only to find that there are condoms in them. And thus begins an affair of discreetly starting his own business. There are two parts to the story – the point which it is trying to address is supremely relevant. But, the film has a far too frivolous storyline to have any impact whatsoever. The screenplay is also not upto the mark to put it in a nice way. The gags seem outdated here and mostly follow a fixed template – a small town, conflict, social issue, resolution. I feel the writing needed to be tighter here and not be too frivolous. The sequences are dull as I patiently waited for any gag to amuse me or even remotely put a smile on my face. Sad to say that it wasn’t the case. It is very briefly in the second hour which had me engaged for a while but the insipid climax again failed to impress and took a bit of the shine off the film. The writing tries to be funnyband entertaining considering the topic of condoms and sex but somehow the humour was missing. Just about an average screenplay which often misses the mark.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues seemed corny and were just unfunny, let alone loud. The music stalled the screenplay on more occassions than one. The BGM was alright, nothing much to shout about. To give credit where due, the cinematography is quite good here. Director Satram Ramani had a good subject on hand but sadly fails to deliver. Even if the film would have been moderately entertaining, I would have given it to the director. But here the direction seemed lacklustre.


The performances are alright. A talented actor like Sharib Hashmi is wasted in a small role. He had very little to do although he does a good job. Anurita Jha as Rani is decent. Ashish Verma as Minus(yes, that is his character name) is just irritated. His antics are meant to evoke laughter but it does the exact opposite. Pranutan Bahl as Rupali looks pretty and does a pretty good job but again her character did not have enough depth to showcase her talent. Abhishek Banerjee as Sultan was excellent and that one actor who was trying to find some humour when there was none in the script. And it would be slightly unfair to rest an entire film on the shoulder of Aparshakti Khurana. As Lucky, he is decent but I feel the responsiblity of holding the film together was a tad too much for him.


Helmet had a relevant theme to it but fails to impress due to its sloppy writing. Available on Zee5.

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