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Hellaro 2019 Gujarati Movie Review


Sana Patel
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


The story is set in the year 1975 in small unknown village of Gujarat. The story revolves around the scarcity of water in the village and the superstition revolving around it. It also talks about the women residing in this small village. The women of this village are victims of hierarchy; wherein men are considered as the higher beings. They are tyrannized for something as simple as performing Garba (Gujarati folk dance). They absolutely have no voice and have accepted to live their lives as herds. The lives of all these women in village change after they find a drummer dying of thirst when they are headed for their daily ritual of fetching water from a distant lake. This is the story of Triumph over evil.


It talks about serious issue in our society so subtly that not once will you get bored. It will pull you in immediately through its phenomenal direction wherein you instantly start sympathizing with these women.

It talks about hypocrisy of the society wherein the men worship the goddess yet treat women like inferior beings. It doesn’t shy away from showing us the mirror and blatantly portrays the old traditions, superstitions, classism and oppression so beautifully that it almost seems magical. The story telling is so real; touching multiple social evils that it still haunts our society.

By the time the movie reaches its climax; it successfully manages to make us cry, smile and feel million other emotions. The climax of this film is so powerful that It is hard to recall any other film with such massive impact.


One of the most stunning debuts of a writer / director. It is a folklore which is so magical yet gut wrenching that it will make you uncomfortable.

Direction /Cast /Music

This movie is directed and written by Debutant Abhishek Shah; which makes this whole experience even more special. The director has made a masterpiece; a story so simple yet powerful in every way. This movie literally has no flaws. Everyone associated with this film; please take a bow. The music is the soul of this film. The traditional beats and amazing choreography bring an instant smile on your face. This was a shoestring film however it hasn’t compromised in any department. Cinematographers have successfully captured the beauty of the village and its women. The extreme wide shots of women performing garba with their beautiful traditional attires are icing on the cake. The costumes, sets all of it are top notch.

It is a must watch for everyone irrespective of their geography or culture.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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