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Heartland Season 15 English Series Review

Heartland (Season 15)

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Heartland is back with beautiful horses and filled with mesmerizing scenic beauty episodes in Season 15. I am sure of couple of you must be wondering that season 15, really..that’s alot of patience. But trust me, once you start watching Heartland it feels like the series should never end. Let’s see what this season has in store for us.


With Bartlett-Borden- Fleming clan moving on with their lives and unleashing new opportunities coming their way, this season is all about new beginnings. Amy and her daughter Lyndy, keeping the memory of Ty on their minds take the next step of their lives. Lyndy starts going to pre school while Amy is scared to leave her alone. But they have an encounter with Ty’s killer which revives old memories. Jack and Lisa decides to take up new challenges overcoming the age barrier which is truly an inspiration. They perfectly set an example for “Age is just a number” saying. Whereas Tim and Jessica have a completely different life now. I am sure the people who follow Heartland will agree when I say, Tim gives the most positive vibes this season. Amy working with the horses is such a delight to watch. May be she must have become an expert in horses in real life as well. And yet, this season was a slow paced, the lumberjack competition was a hooray moment for me. This season also has some new characters doing a pretty good job to be part of Heartland family.


Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett is undoubtedly one of my favourite characters in this series. He definitely gives grand fatherly vibes to me. Amber Marshal as Amy, Michelle Morgan as Lou and Jessica Steen as Lisa, with their strong, admirable business women performances truly gives some good professional and personal goals to achieve. I was happy to see Ava Tran as Parker this season. Chris Potter as Tim Fleming shows another side of his this season and I must say, i do like it. Michelle Nolden as Jessica seems to me as a perfect fit for the series. It never felt like she was not part of the show from start.


I must say that directors and writers have been just fabulous throughout the runtime of this series. Heartland is one of the few series which doesn’t bore you even after watching 15 seasons. Capturing the horses dancing, racing and more importantly enjoying the company of fellow actors seems soo effortless on screen. Having said that, i do have to mention that I really wish to see Alisha Newton aa Georgie back.


Heartland is a long-running, award-winning, multi-generational drama that tells the story of a family getting through life together in both happy and trying times which makes it a perfect family watch show as well as light hearted series to watch.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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