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Heartland Season 14 2021 English Series Review

Heartland (Season 14)

Neha Unadkat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


And here comes one more most awaited season of Heartland after the cliffhanger ending in the last episode of season 13 when Amy was shot with a bullet.


Well, the spoilers all over the internet definitely ruined my excitement for season 14; But without Ty Borden in this season it felt a bit incomplete in the entire series. The first episode starts with a jump of one year loosing Ty. We get to know the reason for Ty’s death wrapped in different episodes as Amy remembers every detail in flashbacks. This season saw Ty and Amy’s daughter growing up, Amy and other family members coping up with Ty’s death, Lou Fleming almost being married and handling the duties of a Mayor, Georgie (adopted daughter of Lou and Peter) getting coached by her boyfriend – Quinn for Olympics and the never ending love struggle for Tim Fleming with Lou’s mentor. Amy, the Miracle Girl had stopped treating horses since a year, but she is trying to get back on track. I didn’t really feel this season much, may be because one of my favourite character (Ty Borden) was not seen. Every episode felt like even the characters of the Heartland clan really missed Ty Borden’s presence.


No doubt the performances were good in this season as well. Jack being the amazing great grandfather, Amy and Lou at their best and Georgie being the the mature teen. Lisa, who is Jack’s wife shows some exceptional performance as usual. Lyndy, Amy and Ty’s daughter is sooo cute and is very expressive in front of the camera.


I am not very happy in terms of direction this time since the previous seasons had made a mark on another level. I felt like few more scenes could be shown during Ty’s last days and during his demise. Though I see that there is a alot of potential in the existing storylines for the upcoming episodes, it keeps my excitement and let’s see how it all turns out.


Being part of the Bartlett-Fleming family now, seems like I have become a part of all their ups and downs. This series just makes me feel good.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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