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Heartland 2007 English Series Review


Neha Unadkat
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Remember the childhood days, when we were told astounding stories of horse fights, prince charming on the horse, beautiful looking horses kept in a stable and the sweet lullabies we heard; Heartland has the same feel. Heartland series on Netflix is an amazing mixture of a good family show. Trust me when I tell you that this show has it all – drama, humor, love, loss, hope, despair, mystery, and anything else you can think of. It’s surely a family binge watch series.


Heartland is based on the novel series by Lauren Brooke’s “Coming Home” and many others . It’s a story of a family owning a beautiful and huge ranch called “Heartland” for 6 generations. I was sooo impressed to see how every situation was made an opportunity, how selfless can people be and how the term “family first” stands true always.

The story starts with a mother and younger daughter (Amy) rescuing a horse named Spartan later by Amy on a torrential rain night. Amy has her mother’s gift to help depressed, tortured and neglected horses and shows beautiful ways of how to heal the horses. She gets famous as ” Miracle Girl” and would risk her life to save any animal. It’s a beautiful journey of Amy Fleming, her elser sister Lou and their grandfather Jack. Lou has completed her MBA and comes back to the ranch leaving the most successful job in New York to support the ranch financials while their mother dies. Tim who is Amy and Lou’s father became close to his daughters day by day after the death of his wife who were separated otherwise. Jack and Tim were Rodeo hereos during their times and has a Tom and Jerry relationship. Ty Borden is Amy’s love who stayed at the Heartland during for his probation after he served his detention period and eventually married Amy. Lou finds love of her life Peter, gets married and due to long distance relationship issues get divorced later. The whole family leans on support of each other as life altering decisions are made everytime.


Since there are 13 seasons as of now and 2 more are eagerly awaited, it might get dull during a few episodes and seem to be very lengthy to cop up with but the story picks up everytime very quickly making us rewind the past episodes again. Every casting member, temporary or permanent has done an amazing work to highlight the true ranch life and amazing acting skills.


The entire series is well directed with artistically beautiful scenery and capturing very minute details to connect better with viewers. Not just one or two but there are 30 different directors who has done astounding work to depict the lifestyle for rodeos and cowboys. And guess what, you can also see the bewildering phenomenon of northern lights in one of the episodes.


The beautiful ranch and the mountains surrounding, spectacular looking horses jumping and running all over, people of all generations trying to cope up with true life scenarios and positivity all around is definitely my idea of a good light hearted series. I am sure as much as we want a pet dog or cat in our house, after watching Heartland you might want to buy a ranch and a horse as well.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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