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Headshot 2016 Indonesian crime movie


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In the prologue, mobster Lee (Sunny Pang) escapes from prison in a shootout that leaves dozens of prisoners and guards dead. Two months later, a comatose man of unknown identity (Iko Uwais) is being cared for by Dr. Ailin (Chelsea Islan) in a rural hospital on a small island. He awakes, but with no clear memory of how he was injured or even his name. He adopts the name Ishmael from Moby-Dick, which Ailin is reading. He learns he was found on the beach by a man named Romli (Yayu Unru).

Meanwhile, Lee and his henchmen Rika (Julie Estelle) and Besi (Very Tri Yulisman) violently eliminate a rival gang. One of the gang’s survivors tells Lee about Ishmael, and Lee sends the man to investigate. Ishmael and the thug have a brief altercation after the man threatens Ailin. Ailin travels to the mainland to seek better care for Ishmael, but her bus is stopped by Lee’s men, who are looking for Ishmael (who they call Abdi). They kill every passenger but Ailin and a young girl, whom they kidnap.

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