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Onto the final release of the weekend, a weekend which brought us limited new content but quality ones. And with that I have just finished watching the new series Grahan on Disney Plus Hotstar. I was really looking forward to this one, right from the time, its trailer was out. Offlate there has been a rise in the OTT content wherein smaller series are the game changers which quality stuff being shelled out. Does Grahan follow the same norm, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Based on the novel Chaurasi by Satya Vyas, Grahan follows the story of an IPS officer who is given a task to reinvestigate the 1984 Riots case in Bokaro where many lives were lost. Little does she know that her father too had featured in the mob of rioters. What is the complete truth? The story is a slow burner but very powerful as far as the content goes. The screenplay is excellent. Its non hurried fashion allows you to take your time with the characters on display and form your opinion around them. The narrative style is non linear and so the drama oscillates between the current time(year 2016) and the past(1984). And so it deftly also taps on one major event that took place and the repucussions that followed. There is also a sweet little love story integrated carefully, and it is so well written that it doesn’t seem out of place. And it had to be written well due to a crucial link towards the end of the show. The screenplay also touches on a few political aspects behind the riots which was so good to watch. What began as hatred soon turned into love at the end. That is the impact of this brilliant screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are content heavy and make a huge impression, also a lasting one. The music has a tinge of melancholy to it that really makes your heart melt as you slowly fall for the emotions that it wants to convey. Touche for the BGM that is very soulful. The cinematography is excellent here capturing many frames effectively. Director Ranjan Chandel has done a phenomenal job with this tricky subject that didn’t want to be an out and out political drama, rather a love story against the backdrop of the riots. Full marks to the subject and presenration that has brought us a fresh new story!


The performances are simply superb and a lot of the credit also goes to Mukesh Chhabra the casting director. Neelu Dogra shines in a cameo, so does Aarya Sharma and Abhash Makharia. Namrata Varshney as Young Pragya and Purva Parag as the old Pragya shine in cameos. Saharsh Kumar Shukla is effective as Guru. Abhinav Pateriya as Jhandu is first rate. Md. Sahidur Rahman as Vikas in a meaty role had some of the heavy lifting to do and he comes out on top with ease. Excellent acting. Teekam Joshi as Sanjay Singh is superb. Wamiqa Gabbi as Manu looks so pretty and has a charming persona onscreen. She does a brilliant job ane wish to watch more of her going forward. Anshuman Pushkar as the Younger Rishi has such a dynamic personality. I had earlier watched him a month back in Kathmandu Connection where he was impressive. This is yet another towering act by him. Pavan Raj Malhotra is a terrific actor and you needed a skilled actor like him to pull off the character of Older Rishi. The character arc is evident as the older Rishi is much more quiet and internalises many of his problems. And Pavan Malhotra brings so many emotions to his character. We often talk about Kay Kay’s memorable final act in the film Shaurya, well Pavan Malhotra’s act is right up there here. Watch him speak through his eyes. Zoya Hussain is a highly underrated actor. Here as Amrita Singh she is in top form, a conflicted character torn between her duty and the truth, she does full justice to her part. I really wish to watch more of her going forward.


Grahan is a brilliant and powerful slow-burner that will keep you engaged throughout. Available on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP and Highly Recommended.

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