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Grace and Frankie 2015 Comedy Netflix Series

Grace and Frankie

Neha Unadkat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Ever wondered how your life’s second innings (after 60s) would look like? May be there would be thoughts to spend the days on a beach house with your beloved partner relaxing, reading, travelling the world or a house filled with grand children. Well, Grace and Frankie also thought something like that but tables turned around for them.


Grace and Frankie is a riveting series and fun to watch. The story starts with husbands of Grace and Frankie telling them that they are gay and loved each other all these years. Grace’s husband was Robert and Frankie’s husband was Sol. After almost for 30 years of hiding the fact from their wives, the husbands decided to come out about their relationship and spend the rest of their lives together. Though Grace and Frankie didn’t like each other much at first but since their husbands were best friends, they kept the act of friendship together. After hearing about the husbands, they felt like they lost the purpose of life. A definite reaction isn’t it?

But Grace and Frankie changed their life and became best friends for life. They did alot of things which they missed previously and one of the things was overcoming missing their husbands. They decided to start a new life for themselves. After conquering their fears to face society, they started their own company- Vybrant. They learnt everything about the business and decided to help women like them who were lonely. The story is all about how they achieve their dreams after a long term successful marriage ended and with always seeing their husbands around because they have children and grandchildren. Learning technology to keep up with today’s fast moving world, finding their lost loves and new love as well.


Well, if you just push yourself through first season, you will love all the forth series. The first season is a bit slow and very detailed, may be to cover ground for the story ahead. Good direction I must say and clothes perfectly captured each characters’ essence.


Awesome, awesome and just awesome performances by Lily Tomlin as Frankie and Jane Fonda as Grace. Well, I liked Sam Waterston as Sol. He loved his wife Frankie and was a perfect husband but also loved Robert. Martin Sheen as Robert was just perfect. No one would have been better than Lily Tomlin as sassy and crazy as Frankie could be and no one would have been more better than Jane Fonda as practical and straight forward as Grace. Peter Gallagher as Nick was so handsome. Any lady would like the guys like him. I am sure every character put alot of efforts to do justice for their roles.


Grace and Frankie is a mixture of sweet and sour emotional drama. Light hearted, fun and impeccable series for a lazy weekend.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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