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Gossip Girl 2007 Series Review

Gossip Girl

Sneha Bhat
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Hello upper east siders. 

This is gossip girl review and just like gossip girl we are going to disect each and every aspect and character of this show. Showing no mercy whatsoever, the gloves are off and we have left them manners at home. You know you love it. Xoxo 

Well, this little shindig was to get you in mood and sync for Gossip Girl. Each episode of this six seasons long series is narrated by the Gossip Girl who’s identity is not known and only revealed in the last episode. The story is centered around super rich and privileged private school going kids strutting around Manhattan in high high heels. As expected they are spoilt rotten, roam in limousines, holiday at the Hamptons, change boyfriends and girlfriends at the drop of the hat and deal with their and their parents emotional baggages. 

The first two seasons introduce each of these characters and their aspirations. They follow their journies into colleges (ivy league no less!). The build up, stories and interesting twists will keep you entertained and very invested in the story. Plus the good looking and very aptly cast actors are a delight to watch on sceeen. Gossip girl is specifically known for the very fashionable outfits worn by the leading ladies and gentlemen (crisp suits). 

Gossip girl is one such show, where you cant really decide who you like. The character development goes from bad to good and vice versa faster than you blink your eyes. After careful calliberations, dedicated viewership and a pro and con list – I have come to the conclusion that my favorite characters are Blair Warldorf and Chuck Bass. 

The series is a sure investment of your time and brain. It will have you thinking about it even after you are done seeing it. If you are not a gossip person i would suggest to stay away. But if like me, you like some drama then just get on with it. Trust me, you will have fun watching it. It will be your guilty pleasure.

One suggestions – just dont google the identity of the gossip girl. It will spoilt all the fun! Resist the urge. 


Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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