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Goodachari 2018 Telugu Movie Review


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Gopi, alias Arjun Kumar (Adivi Sesh), is brought up by his uncle Satya (Prakash Raj) after the death of his father Raghuveer. Raghuveer was killed during a classified mission as a RAW agent. Arjun dreams of joining the Indian foreign intelligence agency RAW and serve the country but gets no response even after sending 174 applications. In the 175th application, he mentions his father’s name and gets recruited by Trinetra Agency, one of the secret weapons of RAW. At first, Satya doesn’t accept Gopi’s decision for fear of losing him, but Gopi tells about his passion to serve the nation like his father and Satya relents. Later, Trinetra’s chief, Damodar (Anish Kuruvilla) briefs his new recruits about Al-Mujahidin, a terrorist outfit based in several countries and its chief called Rana, whose identity remains unknown despite several attempts.

Meanwhile, Gopi starts dating Dr Sameera Rao (Sobhita Dhulipala), an M.A. psychology graduate from Harvard University and the girl next door. Sameera introduces her uncle as her father during one of their meetings. Gopi discovers this and confronts her about it, but Sameera confesses that her father died in an accident and she now considers her uncle as her father. Seeing how he’s in a similar situation, Arjun reveals his true identity to her.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Al-Mujahidin knows all about Trinetra. They are implementing “Mission Gopi”. Arjun notices an Al-Mujahidin member Hamza near the Trinetra office and follows him. After some chase and struggle, he obtains a clue ‘1112’ from the Al-Mujahidin agent. Trinetra team assumes that it is an attack plan on 11 December, but can’t find the target of this attack, so they keep a close watch.

During graduation, Acharya (Swaraj Rebbapragada), a senior official and founder of Trinetra, attends as a chief guest of the ceremony. Sameera suggests that Arjun presents a Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle to Damodar instead of going empty-handed. At the graduation, all recruits get their postings: Mohammad Basha (Rakesh Varre) gets selected for primary security detail, including escorting Acharya. Leena Raajan (Madhu Shalini) is assigned to the reconnaissance team in Dhaka through the Indian embassy. Arjun gets selected as a top spy who topped in the training achieved all the strengths without any weakness. He was presented with a Trinetra agency number 116. As an undercover agent, his primary job is to infiltrate, recon, sabotage and even assassinate, all behind the enemy lines. Should he be discovered, R.A.W would disavow him.

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