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Good Luck Chuck 2007 Romance Comedy English Movie Review

Good Luck Chuck

Neha Unadkat
2.5 Star popcorn reviewss


One Afternoon I wished to watch a light hearted movie and landed on Netflix suggestion of “Good Luck Chuck”. Little did I know that I didn’t really use 120 mins of my day worthily. Although I am happy that I can write a review about it and let you decide if the movie is worth your time!! Let’s check it out..


Without reading the description I started to play the movie and thought it might be about some guy Chuck overcoming the hardships to get his true love. Well, the movie was somewhat similar to my thought process. But never new this hardship for Chuck would be because he was hexed. 😂 Yes, you read it right.. He was hexed in his childhood that every girl he makes out or is in relationship with, will find the man of her dreams later; her soulmate. After one of his ex-girlfriend thanks him in her wedding Toast, Charlie aka Chuck became the Good Luck Charm everyone wishes for. His dear friend Stu; a truely desparate person suggested him to explore this opportunity and enjoy life. Charlie Logan (Chuck) than decided why not do good for others and himself in this process. Hence he was now a dentist by profession in day and a good samaritan by night.

He didn’t realize that this curse will be an issue when he will truly fall in love with someone. Finally he started to have feelings for Cam who is kind of a penguinologist and is blessed with Murphy’s law. All I loved about this movie was the beautiful penguins in the seaquarium. I feel like penguins are such pure souls when it comes to love. This is how even Cam felt about penguins. Chuck has a really hard time thinking about the curse and how it might change things with Cam. He loves her alot to not let her go in any possible way. With some more drama and overcoming the barriers of his curse, they have their happily ever after.


Dane Cook as Charlie Logan was ok with his role. His comic timings weren’t as good as his looks though. Jessica Alba as Cam was just beautiful.. I loved her acting and dialogues. It was truly a pleasure to see her in this movie and is the best amongst all the other actors in the entire movie. Dan Folger as Stu Klaminsky was one annoying character. He could have got better dialogues and better jokes. Dan Folger is really a nice actor, writer and comedian,but this movie was just not right for him.

Direction & Screenplay

The director Mark Helfrich has given us some amazing movies like Jumanji, Bones, Predatorand so on. Good Luck Chuck I think is watched for two major reasons; Jessica Alba and it’s direction. For a comedy film, I think the writers should have done better work at the punch lines. Even though it’s a 2007 film, with respect to comedy it could have been alot better if there were good jokes.


If you are a fan of Jessica Alba, do watch this movie. If you don’t skip any Rom-Coms surely watch this movie. My honest advice is to watch the trailer first and decide if it’s the right one for you.

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Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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