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Godzilla vs Kong

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Yes, it is another Monday but a special one as it is Parsi New Year. So here is wishing everyone Navroze Mubarak and hope this year brings a lot of success and prosperity to everyone. Now coming back to the review and I have just finished watching the Hollywood Film Godzilla vs Kong on Amazon Prime. Like many movies, I had missed this one too during its theatrical release and had to patiently wait for its OTT release. It is finally here and what promised to be the ultimate showdown of the year, does it manage to impress, stay tuned!

Story & Screenplay

Godzilla vs Kong is the next big chapter in the Monsterverse where two giants Kong and Godzilla are pitted against each other. The story is decent but it heavily relies on the VFX and action sequences to make an impact. The screenplay is decently well penned too. While it is a slow introduction to the world which was established in the previous films of the franchise, I had expected a little more action and the two monsters having a go at each other. While that does happen somewhere in the first hour itself, the small screen on which I was watching just did not give me that kind of high. Which made me think that this was indeed a bigscreen movie where loads of VFX and the action sequences would have had a much bigger impact! So I have decided to give the screenplay a slight benefit of doubt here! The action is much more fast paced in the second hour which again would have been better had I watched it in a theatre. But considering the story, it does have a few hearywarming moments as well including the one in the final climax sequence. Overall a decent screenplay which would have been better witnessed on the big screen.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogue are adequate here. The BGM is enthralling and does its bit to enhance the drama. The VFX and camerawork is simply outstanding and the one of the main reasons why you may end up watching this film! Director Adam Wingard has done a pretty good job. He does keep things tight and taut for most parts and does not get carried away which is a big positive.


The performances are pretty good. Alexander Skargard as Nathan Lind is pretty impressive. Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie has looked confident. Rebecca Hall as Ilene is earnest and sincere. Millie Bobby Brown as Madison has some great screen presence and does a swell job. All other actors are good too.


Godzilla Vs Kong has some great action sequences and amazing VFX that will keep you engaged although the story wobbles at times. Available on Amazon Prime.

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