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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Every now and then there comes a film whivh really tests your patience. And that makes me go like ‘Matlab Kuch Bhi'(courtsey Tried & Refused Productions). And with that I tediously finished watching the new Telugu film Godse on Netflix. Before I get attacked, let me put this on record. This is NOT a biopic on Nathuram Godse, in fact it is a mass masala entertainer(supposedly) which a social issue. Another thing which I wish to put it on record is that I do NOT hate mass masala movies. If they are well made and they well intended(by which I mean intended to entertain), then I do enjoy such films which are a perfect escapism from reality. But if they are not they are the easiest targets to get trolled.

Off late, Bollywood has been trolled of making ‘Matlab Kuch Bhi’ movies even in the commercial space. Films like Satyameva Jayate 2, Nikamma and Heropanti 2 are prime examples of films being trolled and rightly so. But the same doesn’t apply to some over the top films from the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada Film Industries. Films like Acharya and Sarkaru Vaari Paata are still lapped up by fans or at best terming them as an aberration. So there is a disparity and at the cost of repeating myself I would say that a film should be called out for its mediocrity irrespective of its language or industry. With that lets get started with the roast of the Telugu film Godse.

Story & Screenplay

Godse follows the story of a man holding a few members of the high authorities as hostage. What does he want? Now on the basic concept level, the film may sound to be just fine. A man holding a few people as hostage only to be labelled as a hero at the end may not be a very novel concept but it may be an effective one provided it is done right. But the screenplay and direction was so bad that I had to watch this film on 1.5x speed on Netflix to just get done with it.

Firstly the screenplay standing at 140 minutes is a tad too long. Secondly, there are a sequence of events which are just plain boring and downright cringy that it made me instantly repel from the drama. The drama opens with a sequence of a boy meeting a girl for marriage. But as it turns out, the girl is a cop and in a bizarre turn of events she drives the guy’s car to a hostage spot for negotiating with the kidnappers. MATLAB KUCH BHIIIII! And this is when we have just about settled in our seats to watch the film.

Soon, the hostage situation goes awry, the hostage dies and the cop takes a sabbatical. Cut to another hostage situation where you are introduced to the protagonist in true Money Heist style. Soon, the cop is called back and while negotiating, he randomly asks her her measurements. What were the writers even thinking? Did they find it even mildly entertaining? Who approved this dogsh*t??

The drama is so bad that I was constantly yawning throughout the film. It was uneventful and stereotypically which means I knew exactly where it was headed. None of the twists and turns are inspiring and something which I saw coming from a distance. The entire second hour focuses on why the protagonist became a kidnapper and a murderer through a series of flashbacks. And yes same old stuff – friends murdered, authorities plotting against you and boom a vigilante appears! Such uninspiring writing leading up to a cringeworthy final act which had me laughing. The social issue being tapped was good but it just did not have any sort of hold on the screenplay which was a royal mess and a yawn-fest.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cringeworthy and over dramatic which just leave you in shock or in splits. The music is poor with no real song which is memorable or even hummable. The BGM is loud and the least I can say about it. The cinematography is pathetic with characters walking in Slo-Mo every now and then. Even the reels are fast forwarded(not the 1.5x one but in general too) which makes it laughable. Director Gopi Ganesh has done a horrible job here. There are certain sequences which are plain laughable while others are cringeworthy and he needs to put in some serious yards to improve his skills as a director.


The performances are loud and melodramatic here. Almost the entire supporting cast is really bad and makes zero impact. Aishwarya Lekshmi in her Telugu debut looks pretty but again doesn’t leave a mark in the acting department. Satya Dev is still decent and the only one who tries to make an effort to make things work. But a weak screenplay and an even weaker execution ensures that this ship sinks without a trace!


Godse(The Film) is Satyameva Jayate 2 Lite. You know what that means, it is a yawn and a cringe fest of the highest order. Steer Clear! Available on Netflix.

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