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Gilmore Girls Comedy Series Review

Gilmore Girls

Sneha Bhat
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Have you ever lived in a small town? Somewhere where everyone knows everybody else. There is a lot of gossip and affection. There are different characters, some serious, some funny, some friendly and some irritating. But the presense of each one of them is what makes the whole small town thing cute. There are specific shop where you buy your stationary, your grocery, your cake and your cup of coffee. Now imagine a series centered around this small town with all these eccentric characters and an interesting story line – which takes you in a joyful ride for seven seasons and approximately 150 episodes. Thats Gilmore Girls for you!

Gilmore girls is essentially a story about mother daughter relationship, both named Lorelai, both fun, both coffee horders and junk food connoisseurs. A young mother, the elder Lorelai has a strained relationship with her own parents but must take their help for her brilliant daughter who aspires to be in an ivy league college. This sets up the theme of the series but trust me it has much more to offer. Interesting storylines, cool friends, emotional moments, the love lives of the girls and a very interesting insight into the American education system.

The younger Lorelia is into reading and you will get a lot of must read books from almost each episode. Plus the girls have a friday night movie marathon ritual with a lot of junk food ( well, obviously) which again will introduce you to a lot of classic hits. Almost every episode has a popular movie references which make it all the more interesting. A lot of music as well for all you pop music fanatics. And, a lot of learn in the food department as well – apart from the regular American pop tarts, cheeseburgers, pretzels, tarts and burritos, there are so many other interesting references. Sookie, who is elder Lorelie’s best friend and an accomplished chef will have you drooling over her exotic food in many a scenes. I learned many new vegetables and dishes from this series. Namely, Artichoke, Sweetbread (don’t google this! )

The series premeired in 2000, so you may find references to a lot of things we no longer use. A pager for example, or how marvelous is online shopping thought to be. But it just adds more vintage charm to the series. I recently started to re-watch Gilmore Girls to escape from all the negative news related to corona, and i must say it does not disappoint! I am enjoying it as much as I did when I saw it for  the first time. Ofcourse, it comes with its flaws – some story lines seem deliberate and unnecessary.  But overall it is an absolute entertainment package.

The series is bound to make you hungry, make sure to keep a big bag to chips right next to you when you start watching Gilmore Girls. And a cup of coffee. Maybe order a pizza while you are at it. Oh and some candy. Some Chinese food couldn’t hurt either. Umm some doughnut. You see what the series does to you? Go start watching already!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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