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Fera Feri Hera Feri

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It has been a strenuous week and so I decided to watch a movie from the comedy genre to kick start my weekend. This quarantine season is all about discovering new movies from new languages and so I decided to handpick this one. And so I watched the Gujarati comedy flick, Fera Feri Hera Feri, did it tickle my funny bone, lets find out.

Fera Feri Hera Feri, as the title signifies a movie representing confusion, is the story of Hasmukh that is married twice while neither of the two wives are aware of the other. One day he fakes his death and stays with his other family, the confusion begins when his children try to get in touch with each other. The story is straight out of the 90s which was the plot of many of the Govinda starrers, or the recent Anees Bazmee directed flicks. So nothing novel here. The screenplay though has quite a few laugh out loud moments as Hasmukh has to deal with all the confusion created in his life by his own doings. But, the screenplay gets repetitive and a tad boring in the middle, not to mention silly. It is here that you begin to lose interest and just go through the process. To be fair, the screenplay does get back on track in the last leg(and at no point gets melodramatic) but the middle portion does spoil the party! The dialogues are funny. Music was just not needed! Director Girish Mohite does a good job for most parts but suffers a brain fade in the middle.

The performances are the highlight once again. Arti Nagpal as Chandni is good. Soniya Shah as Sridevi is first rate. Shilpa Tulaskar as Mandakini is so funny, I died laughing in a few scenes. Rishil Joshi as Aakash is alright. Bijal Joshi as Sapna looks pretty and does display some good acting chops. Sanjeev Jogtiyani as Rajni is excellent and a perfect foil for the main protagonist. Kuldeep Gor as Parth has an impeccable comic timing and some good screen presence. He does stand out from the crowd. Manoj Joshi the veteran as Hasmukh is the life of the film. Superb comic timing coupled with some amazing acting.

Overall, Fera Feri Hera Feri is a onetime watch with some funny scenes. Entertaining in most parts, just don’t use your brain! Available on Amazon Prime!

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