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Feels Like Home

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the final release of the weekend(but there are still a bunch of new releases remaining which I will cover over weekdays) and I just finished watching the new Hindi series Feels Like Home on Lionsgate Play. It was around 10 years ago when I had moved out of my home for the very first time as my training(for a job) was in a different city. And there I was a room mate to some amazing boys, all of whom had different personalities. That little period did teach me a lot about myself but more importantly it was a sort of a paid holiday which was arguably the best phase of my life. We had a lot of fun which also included fights but it was an amazing time back then. So when I heard of a series being made on this topic, naturally I was excited. So then does Feels Like Home manage to impress, lets find out!

Story & Screenplay

Feels Like Home follows the story of four boys who stay as room mates and eventually who become family. The story is frivolous but heartwarming and it almost unfolds like a slice of life drama. The screenplay comprising of 6 episodes of roughly 30 odd minutes is definitely binge watch worthy. The screenplay though takes a little time to warm up. It begins on a frivolous note with the introduction of the protagonists and it creates an indifferent sort of a world around it. While the humour is definitely intact right from the beginning, it somehow had me distracted early on and I really felt that this would be a sinking ship! But I was wrong!

The drama keeps getting better as it further unfolds. It really scores well in parts when the frivolousness is cut short and when there are real challenges on display. The bromance is definitely infectious and it is presented in a light and frothy manner. The proceedings are interesting with each episode presenting a new conflict with a thread tying all the episodes together. The vulnerabilities of the boys related to their relationships, their family or even their personal life is really well shown.

But one thing which really stood out was the fun quotient. The journey of the boys is interesting and they definitely learn from certain incidents but that doesn’t get preachy or dilute the fun factor! Along the way, they did touch upon the LGBTQ part and it was a refreshing representation, probably an ideal one! There are a couple of conflicts which aren’t resolved yet for which I assume there will be another season. But there are several heartwarming moments which feel like a warm hug including the final act which is a good one! Overall, a nice and breezy screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are witty and humourous which will find you giggling more often than not. The music is pretty good and the BGM goes well with the vibe of the drama. Director Sahir Raza does a pretty good job despite a wobbly beginning. The drama keeps getting better and interesting and the direction deserves credit for it.


The performances are pretty good here. Akshay Oberoi and Dolly Singh add a lot of star power to this webseries. Surbhi Dhyani has her moments to shine. Himika Bose as Dhriti is quite a natural onscreen and she does a pretty good job. Inayat Sood as Mahima is excellent and I really enjoyed her performance here. But the show belongs to the four boys who are the soul of the show. Anshuman Malhotra as Sameer is simply outstanding and a character I resonated with the most. He is the most matured of the lot and he does differentiate between right and wrong yet he has his own set of vulnerabilities which was very well portrayed in a beautiful character arc.
<span;>Mihir Ahuja as Gandhi(from Ghana) is really affable and he does a commendable job. Vishnu Kaushal as Avi is the most vulnerable of the lot and he is really able to display that side of his with ease(although slightly found overcompensating in certain scenes). Prit Kamani as Lakshya is the most easy going guy of the lot but the side which he bottles up is his sensitive side and it was a brilliant act by him as well.


Feels Like Home is frivolous but a heartwarming watch which is meant for a leisurely viewing. You will not be disappointed, this is pretty good! Available on Lionsgate Play.

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