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Fear Street Part 3: 1666

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Over the past couple of weeks, Netflix had reintroduced the audience to the slasher horror genre with two of its three releases Fear Street Part One and Two releasing. What set them apart from the others in the genre was that although these were teen slasher films, but none of them seemed to be mindless, which a few films had been resorting to lately. Come this weekend, the trilogy ends tonight! And I have just finished watching part 3 of the Fear Street Series. Does it conclude into a logical and more importantly satisfying end, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Fear Street Part Three : 1666 picks up from the exact same point where part one had ended. And we are transported to 1666 where the roots of the mystery await the fate of Shadyside. The story is definitely interesting and a fitting end yo the trilogy. The screenplay like in part two begins on a slow note. There is a considerable buildup wherein you are introduced to the ancestors of the people of Shadyside(mostly played by the same actors who play their current selves). After the initial 20 odd minutes, the drama picks up and makes its way to the mystery. The grand reveal at around the halfway mark is pretty interesting. Once that is done, the drama wraps up in 1666 and you are again transported back to 1994 where the story all began(in Part One), thereby giving it a logical and satisfying end. On the downside, there are very few slasher scenes as compared to parts one and two, so if you are in it for the blood and the gore, you might end up slightly disappointed. But overall, I quite enjoyed the cerebral screenplay which also tactfully explores a lesbian relationship and how that was dealt with even back then(fiction ofcourse).

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decent here and adequate to the drama. The BGM is once again fabulous. I really enjoyed the camerawork and the colour tone of the scenes which sets the mood of the drama just right. Director Leigh Janiak once again weaves her magic in this drama. She is able to create an atmosphere on tension at critical points in the screenplay, although the end was indeed a tad underwhelming(maybe it was just me who expected a blast). But overall the direction is good.


The performances are pretty good. Benjamin Flores Jr. as Henry is once again pretty impressive. Quite a likable character I must admit. Olivia Scott Welch is quite good as Hannah. Gillian Jacobs as Ziggy looks gorgeous and definitely has her moments towards the back end. Ashley Zukerman as Solomon Goode is excellent here and does full justice to his part. The ever dependable Kiana Madeira is once again the pick of the lot as Sarah. In dual roles, she has immense scope to play with and she delivers a superb performance. And she has some amazing screen presence too.


Fear Street Part Three : 1666 is a fitting end to the Fear Street Trilogy. Available on Netflix.

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