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Fear Street Part 2: 1978

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It was last week when I had reviewed Part one of the Fear Street Trilogy, a classic slasher horror that had nicely setup for Part Two. And come this weekend, Part Two is here and I have just finished watching Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 on Netflix. While the concluding finale is out next weekend, does part 2 manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Fear Street Part Two – 1978 takes off from the exact same point where Part One had ended wherein Deena and her Brother look to uncover the secret of the killings in Shadyville. This time the action shifts to 1978 where such killings had occurred at a camp. While Part One had certain elements that were new, this one is in more of a traditional space as far the the slasher horror is concerned as the killings take place over a single night at a camp. The screenplay, as opposed to part one which was fast paced, is actually a slow burner. It takes time to build right through the first hour. It is at this point that many might find the drama boring or drab and might get disconnected as almost nothing major happens in the first 35 minutes. But I recommend you stick through this period as you will be rewarded with gore in the second hour. The second hour picks up pace and almost doesn’t allow you to breathe. It is literally edge of the seat stuff with many people being mercilessly bump off, all this culminating into a cliffhanger which makes my excitement for the concluding part sky high. The twist is something that I did not see coming. All in all a more traditional yet an equally effective screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues here are routine as the case with part one. The BGM definitely creates an atmosphere of tension. The action sequences in the second hour are brutal and expertly executed, highly satisfying for fans of the genre. Director Leigh Janiak has yet again done a phenomenal job. She displays quite a range in her second outing, it seems she really knows the genre and the pulse of the audience well.


The performances are quite good. McCabe Slye as Tommy is teriifyingly good. Sadie Sink is excellent as Ziggy and probably one character that has a pretty good character arc. Emily Rudd as Cindy looks so pretty and has done a smashing job. Ryan Simpkins as Alice has done a phenomenal job as well. All other actors are pretty good as well.


Fear Street Part 2 – 1978 is yet another winner in the slasher horror genre. As things stand, they are interesting where the concluding part is keenly awaited. Available on Netflix.

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