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Oh what a heartbreak yet again on the final day of WTC final. India just lost the plot with some ridiculous batting that literally gifted New Zealand the cup. New Zealand were the deserved winners winning a world title after 21 years. And India have a lot of things to ponder over as far as the ICC knockouts are concerned. And so I needed a movie to really change my mood. With that I finished watching Fatherhood on Netflix. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Fatherhood follows the story of a young father who has to single handedly take care of his new born child after his wife tragically passes away one day after child birth. The premise of the story is such that it instantly forms a bond with you. The screenplay compliments it really well! It adds all the right ingredients to make it a real tear jerker but in a light way. At no point will you be crying buckets but there are several moments that will gently tug the strings of your heart. Right from the protagonist’s journey of a young father to how it affects his routine life and work all have been pretty well dealt with in a light hearted manner. But where ever it was required, the writers have upped the ante in terms of emotional quotient. And this is where the screenplay scores, it balances the emotions brilliantly which is what makes it a winner.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are so well penned that they will make you smile and also shed a tear or two. The BGM gently makes its way to your heart. Director Paul Weitz has handled this delicate subject effortlessly. The balance which he brings to the drama just shows that it is not always required to manipulate emotions and transform simple movies into a tear jerker.


The performances are excellent. Alfre Woodard as Marion is excellent and delivers a very dignified performance. DeWanda Wise as Swan is pretty good with some great screenpresence. Little Melody Hurd as Maddy is so cute and delivers a heartfelt performance. But the star of the show is Kevin Hart who beings so many emotions in play. His character with truely toych you and stay will you long after the film has ended.


Fatherhood is a sweet and tender tale that will gently tug the strings of your heart. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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