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Fast and Furious 9

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It is often that Bollywood is criticized for over the top action sequences. The typical Rohit Shetty movies which features men bouncing off after getting hit to his trademark cars literally flying across the blue sky, all of it packaged into a mass masala entertainer. While these movies are often criticized in the name of popcorn entertainment, there is a section of the audience which counters it saying that why aren’t Hollywood movies criticized when they pull off similar antics. One franchise guilty of this is Tge Fast and Furious franchise. With fast cars that are buzzing and flying, this franchise did catch the imagination of the audience. But lately, it seemed that the makers are overindulging in it. One proof of the same is that the never ending franchise has its part 9 that has released this week in India. Does it pump up your adrenaline, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Fast and Furious 9 or F9 follows the story of Dom and his gang who are on a new mission to stop Dom’s estranged brother from an international terrorist attack. Yes, it took 9 parts for Dom and the audience to know that he also has a brother! The story is quite silly and convenient and there are some ridiculous twists to continue the franchise. But who is in for the story right? The screenplay is packed with several action sequences some of which are actually a bit too much in terms of logic. Two members of the gang venture into outer space(yes, you read that right) in order to bomb a satellite. If this was a Salman Khan movie, I can imagine the amount of hate that this would have got! Some of the sequences are in fact entertaining too(I must admit), but the far fetched action sequences take out the juice from the drama. The screenplay heavily manipulates the audience too – some ridiculous twists like Han being alive are conveniently thrown in the narrative that can potentially undo all the hardwork done by the previous installments. On the positive side, the drama is fast paced(yeah it has the word ‘fast’ in it too😂) and doesn’t allow you to think and does not really drag. The action sequences that are designed are excellent and they executed quite well too. So if you don’t want to apply your brains too much, you may just end up enjoying this ride!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are adequate, nothing much to shout about. The music is alright, the BGM is good. I really enjoyed the way the film is shot, good cinematography. Director Justin Lin just throws every bit of the kitchen sink in the drama. It is almost him telling the audience to just sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts without questioning the drama.


The performances are good here. Charlize Theron has the most underwritten role as Cipher. She is decent here. Sung Kang as Han is quite good, so are Ludacris as Tej and Tyrese Gibson as Roman. Jordana Brewster aa Mia looks gorgeous and does a fine job. Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey is brilliant and probably my favourite character here. John Cena(yes, you ‘can’ see him here) as Jakob is decent. Michelle Rodriguez as Letty is outstanding here. But this is again a Vin Diesel show. As Dom, he flies cars, jumps building and does everything you could think off. All I want to say here is ” Waah Bete Waah Tumne Toh Mauj Kar Di, Tum Toh Bade Heavy Driver Ho'(excepts from a meme doing the rounds😂).


Fast And Furious 9 has a ridiculous story with some bizarre action sequences that would make you go like ‘Whaaatttt’ but if you can look past the logic you may get entertained. This one is strictly for people who enjoy massy entertainers without applying their brains, else Steer Clear. Available in a theatre near you.

PS : There is a post credit scene featuring Jason Statham which means a part 10 is making its way soon! Will this ever end? 

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