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Failure and rejection is such a big part of my work so I do have a sense of detachment Samvedna Suwalka

Failure and rejection is such a big part of my work so I do have a sense of detachment. - Samvedna Suwalka

– By Farhad Dalal

With the success of her series ‘Jee Karda‘, Samvedna Suwalka is riding on a high. In an Exclusive Interview with Farhad Dalal from Popcorn Reviewss, she talks about her series Jee Karda, her character Sheetal amidst touching upon the various aspects of her profession.

Tell us something about your forthcoming release Jee Karda and about your character Sheetal.

Seven school friends -who thought that by the time they were 30, their life would be sorted- turn 30 to find that it’s a grand hot mess instead. An accidental wedding proposal leads to a series of events that makes the bride-to-be question it all. These millennials find themselves seeking out each other to handle dating woes, ghosting, toxic relationships, break ups, daddy issues, space constraints, class divisions, family secrets, etc. They live, love, laugh, make mistakes, get their hearts broken, and grow up a little but discover that the best of friendships and relationships are imperfect and life is a luminous shade of grey.

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Sheetal is this life-of-the-party kind of girl who is having trouble at home. She has a lovely family and everything but struggles with a lack of privacy and space. She fell in love early in life and got married for love but now is realizing that love is not enough to make a marriage work.

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From Bey Yaar to now Jee Karda, how has the journey been so far?

The journey has been slow but steady. When I had landed in Mumbai I had no idea where does one go to be a part of films. So the struggle was to figure out where auditions happen! Now the struggle is to crack auditions of lead characters! The struggle continues but the level keeps changing! But I am extremely grateful for my journey so far, cos I am living my dream of working as an actor. I have recently worked with some of the best directors in the country and I am very excited for people to see me in completely different roles! Acting is my calling and I am glad I have the privilege to fulfil my calling!

If you were to write a letter to your 15 year old self, what would you say to her?

Listen only to yourself. You have a voice and it knows where your happiness is. Don’t let it drown among all the other voices cos even with the best of intentions these voices can’t know what is best for you. Cos they are looking at things from their perspective, their experience, and every human being is on a unique journey. Believe in your dreams. Protect them and take chances. Don’t ever make decisions based on fear.

What insecurities have you faced as an actor, and how do you keep yourself motivated when things don't go your way?

Lots of insecurities. They change and evolve as one evolves! In the beginning I knew I wanted to act I wasn’t sure about my talent! After years of working on my craft I believe in my talent but now the insecurities are about getting bigger and better roles!

Failure and rejection is such a big part of my work so I do have a sense of detachment. To not get too carried away with success and to not let failure bring you down. Both are not final. Keep going is the only way!

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What is your process of preparing for your characters? Do you prefer to be a method actor or are you a spontaneous one?

So different projects and roles need different preparations. I prefer doing my homework. I have studied method acting so that is my education but with each project, my method evolves. I recently workshopped with Rasika Agashe for a film and learned a whole new perspective from her. So I keep learning!

How important is the role of social media in your life, given the pressures of it in showbiz.

So honestly I am not a social media person. And it took me some time to warm up to the idea. In our profession, it has become a necessity.  When Bey Yaar was released I didn’t even have an Instagram account. I was new and raw, I was of the belief that my work will speak for itself. But that was a mistake. It’s also a personality thing. I am a very private person. But now I understand the importance of social media in my profession so in the last few years I have become active. It’s been hit-and-miss. So far it was more about what is trending and what am I expected to do but in the last few months I have decided that if I am going to be active on social media then I will use it as a form to express myself. Say what I want to say. Share a thought or an experience. Even if it is not popular or going to go viral. I am in the business of evoking a feeling and I think I want my Instagram to be an extension of that now! Let’s see!

Post Jee Karda, what does the year 2023 have in store for you and your fans?

       Oh I have quite a few shows lined up for release! And luckily each character is different. I have recently played an out and out negative character something that I have never done before. I am excited for people to see me in completely different avatars.

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal

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