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Evaru 2019 Thriller Telugu Movie Review


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Sameera Maha (Regina Cassandra), a rising businesswoman, fatally shoots and kills DSP Ashok Krishna (Naveen Chandra), who allegedly raped her. The case is filed as an act of self-defense but the police and Ashok’s family hire Ratnakar, a prestigious criminal lawyer, for prosecution. Sameera’s lawyer, Banerjee (Vinay Varma), then contacts corrupt Sub-Inspector Vikram Vasudev (Adivi Sesh), who is based in Coonoor. He takes a bribe from Sameera to make sure Ratnakar does not uncover any incriminating evidence. 

Vikram meets Sameera in a hotel room and presses her to fully disclose the details of the situation so that he knows where they stand in their defense. Sameera continually proclaims that Ashok forced himself on her until Vikram shows her proof that her husband, famed CEO Rahul Maha (Syed Irfan Ahmed), is homosexual and she went to college with Ashok. Sameera then reveals she is only a beard to Rahul, which allows him to keep up the appearance of a married heterosexual man while indulging in his true sexual interests in private. Sameera also confesses that she and Ashok dated in college but parted ways when his parents did not accept their love because of her then middle-class status. 2 years prior, they met by chance and restarted their relationship.

Vikram tells Sameera about a missing persons case he is working on: 1 year ago, a teenage cancer patient, Adarsh Varma (Nihal Kodhaty), filed a missing complaint for his father, Vinay (Murali Sharma). Vikram initially made the case priority when Adarsh bribed him but grew committed to helping the Varma family despite later pressure from his superiors to drop the case. Vikram discovered that Vinay was frequently receiving calls from a police station in Panjagutta and his car was left damaged outside a building of the resort he owns. Adarsh and his mother also gave a lift to a girl named Vaishnavi the night of Vinay’s disappearance. Vikram followed the last photo Vinay took to a hairpin turn on a road in Coonoor, where he found a sideview mirror broken off from a black car. The car was traced back to a rental agency in Hyderabad, having been rented in the name of Vaishnavi Krishna by her husband, Ashok, who is based in the Panjagutta Police Station. Later, Vikram learned that Adarsh had snuck into an event in Hyderabad Ashok was working at to confront him. Ashok unintentionally confirmed that he knew Vinay and prepared to shoot Adarsh, but Vikram saved him. As they were leaving the event, Adarsh spotted the honored guest, “Vaishnavi”, who is actually Sameera.

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