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Engineering Girls (Season 2)

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We are at another Friday with again a fresh set of releases, so lets get started right away! And this Friday, we begin with the review of Season 2 of the TVF show Engineering Girls which premiered on Zee5 last night. Being an engineer myself, there is this instant sense of nostalgia to it that I often find myself almost romanticizing it each time. Right from the days of having fun to completing assignments together or preparing for exams or placements, there is a certain memory that I have for each of the major events. It is probably a special phase as often Engineering is the link between your Teenage to A Young Adult where you meet like minded people and probably form a bond for life. And who better than TVF who are known to make relatable content on it. And it helps when most of the folks at TVF are engineers themselves. That said Season 1 of Engineering Girls was a fun filled ride although a bit random. Does season 2 manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The season 2 of engineering girls takes off from the first season where the girls are now in the final year of engineering and at the cusp of entering a new phase. This phase always has a sense of uncertainty as there is a fear of the unknown lurking around the corner. And so in this aspect, the story is quite relatable. Also the incidents that the girls find themselves in are interesting to watch. All this is packaged in an engaging screenplay which has a better form and structure as compared to the first season which seemed a bit random. The episodes are short and fast paced which encourage you to binge watch the entire series in one go – Something that I did! The subtle twists are great to watch, some scenes will definitely make you laugh hysterically. All this culminates in a bittersweet end with a feeling that you usually get while leaving college. Some of the subplots work well too. On the slight downside, the 5th episode which is tagged as a “Bonus” Episode, sticks out like a sore thumb. It just seemed random and I don’t think it was required to be included. But other than that, the screenplay is extremely well written!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

If you are familiar with the work of TVF, then you will know that the dialogues are definitely a strong point. They include many pop references which make even the quirky one-liners relatable. Here it is no different. The dialogues are extremely well penned. The music is good and the BGM does enough and blends well with the drama. Director Himali Shah has done a terrific job here. The series seemed to take you down the path of nostalgia and it is the direction that deserves distinction marks.


The performances are top notch. Abhishek Kapoor as Nikhil shines in a little cameo. Abhinav Anand as Mayur is impeccable with his comic timing! Surbhi Verma as Sita Mam does a fine job. But it is the three girls who are the three shining stars. Sejal Kumar as Kiara is simply outstanding and really wish to watch more of her going forward. Barkha Singh as Sabu delivers yet another towering performance and notice how comfortable she is in front of the camera. But it is Kritika Avasthi as Maggu who steals your heart with her act. Such an affable character, a soft spoken innocent yet goofy girl who always ends up in trouble, she plays her part to the T.


The second season of Engineering Girls yet again takes you on the path of nostalgia. Another winner from a production house that has a heart of a studio – TVF. Available on Zee5 and Highly Recommended.

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