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Enemy 2013 English Thriller Movie Review


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A man attends an erotic show featuring a man and a woman, at an underground club, which culminates with the woman naked and on the verge of crushing a live tarantula under her platform high-heel. Adam Bell, a college history professor, lives a quiet, monotonous life in Toronto. He rents a film, Where There’s a Will There’s a Way, on the recommendation of a colleague, and spots an actor who looks strikingly like himself, briefly, in the film as a bellhop. Searching online, Adam identifies the actor as Anthony Claire, whose stage name is Daniel Saint Claire. Adam rents the other two films in which Anthony has appeared and becomes obsessed with the man, who appears to be his physical twin. Immediately afterwards, Adam searches some boxes in his own house and finds a photo of someone who looks like himself, with a woman’s hand over his shoulder. However, part of the photo is torn out, making the woman impossible to identify. Adam stalks Anthony, visiting his talent agency, where he is mistaken for Anthony and given a confidential letter. Discovering Anthony’s apartment in Mississauga, Adam calls the home, but reaches Anthony’s pregnant wife, Helen. She also mistakes Adam’s voice for Anthony’s and assumes it’s a joke, but Adam insists he is not Anthony. This frightens Helen, and Adam abruptly ends the call.

Adam calls again later and reaches Anthony, who assumes Adam is a stalker and tells him not to call again. Helen confronts Anthony about the phone call and Adam’s existence, but Anthony insists he knows nothing. Unconvinced, Helen researches Adam, discovers the college where he teaches, and finds him. Helen is visibly stunned at his exact resemblance to her husband, though Adam does not realize who Helen is. Anthony eventually calls Adam, and they agree to meet in a hotel room, where they discover that they are perfectly identical, even having the same scar. Adam is taken aback by Anthony’s direct personality, says the meeting was a mistake, and flees. The two men begin having similar dreams, or perhaps the same dream, featuring first a naked woman with a spider’s head, and later a giant skyscraper-sized spider walking amidst the buildings of the city where they live. The next day, Anthony is now stalking Adam. He sees Adam’s girlfriend, Mary, whom he finds attractive. Anthony plots to accuse Adam of sleeping with his wife, and shame and manipulate Adam into letting him sleep with Mary to ‘get even’. He demands Adam’s clothes and car keys for a night, after which he promises to disappear forever. Adam complies. Anthony impersonates him and takes Mary to the hotel. Meanwhile, Adam goes to Anthony’s apartment in retaliation, and is let inside. The building concierge desperately asks ‘Anthony’ to take him back to the underground sex club. Inside the apartment, Adam finds a framed photo on a shelf which looks like the one he had found earlier in his own house, but now the photo is intact, and the woman is revealed to be Helen. Adam tries to act as Anthony in front of Helen, but it appears that she recognizes his nicer demeanor. She pretends not to notice and cuddles with him. Later that night, however, Helen wakes to find Adam crying and apologizing; she tells him she wants him to stay, and they make love, which she initiates.

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