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Ek Mini Katha

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We are finally at a weekend and another set of freshly brewed content awaits us. This weekend is not as crazy as the last one that saw so many new releases that had kept me on my toes. Instead the releases this week are limited which allows me a little breathing space. But nevertheless lets explore the best and worst films of the weekend. And so first up I have just finished watching the Telugu film Ek Mini Katha on Amazon Prime. Is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Ek Mini Katha follows the story of a man suffering from an erectile dysfunction and the madness that follows in dealing with a problem. Firstly it is refreshing to see that taboo subjects are actually being talked about in films. The conversation starter might be veiled as a comedy but it is a starter nevertheless. The story is light hearted and breezy with the right doses of humour. The screenplay is breezy too with never a dull moment. The screenplay begins with a set of flashbacks that introduce the protagonist in a comic manner. Though the topic is meant for adults, this can be termed as a family entertainer because you won’t feel uncomfortable watching it even with your family. Some of the sequences are really funny and you will find yourself chuckling more often than not. The issue with the screenplay is that it doesn’t shift gears. It moves at the same pace with the same wavelength without having any particular high points. And the climax falls in the trap of getting preachy which really wasn’t required. But the comic scenes especially in the middle and second half(suicide scenes) are hilarious that really make your time worth in watching this drama.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well penned. The music is alright but it really stems the flow of the drama too. The BGM and other technical aspects are alright. Director Karthik Rapolu has done a good job with the subject. Though his direction is a little rough around the edges, in most parts he is in control.


Brahmaji as Ram Mohan has done a fine job as the father. Sapthagiri as the cousin is hilarious. Sudharshan as Darshan lends good support. Shraddha Das as The Seer looks gorgeous and has done an excellent job in the drama. Though her role is small and a tad underwritten, her performance elevates her character to an extent. Kavya Thapar as Amrutha also has done an excellent job. Her earnestness is on full display here and she totally wins you over with her performance. Wish to watch more of her going forward too. Santosh Shoban as Santosh has also done a pretty good job. A layered character and he is able to pull it off well.


Ek Mini Katha is a breezy ‘little’ comedy that is a perfect start to the weekend. Available on Prime.

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