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Ek Duuje Ke liye 1981 Movie Review

Ek Duuje Ke Liye

Shreya Agrawal
4 Star popcorn reviewss

Star cast:- Kamal Haasan, Rati Agnihotri, Madhavi, Rakesh Bedi, Shubha Khote, Raza Murad, Asrani

Directed By:- K. Balachander

Produced by:- L.V. Prasad

Music by:- Laxmikant-Pyarelal


Looking for a good classic romantic piece to watch with your bae? Here is the masterpiece. Generation keeps on changing, the means of communication may change with time. But the gist of any love story remains the same, the unconditional love and care, no matter what! Love has no language barrier!!Let’s take a look on the era before dating apps and social networking platforms when letters and sign languages were used to create love saga, much before the movies like 2 states happened. The time period when Star Kamal Haasan made his debut into Bollywood through the movie “Ek Duuje Ke liye”

Story and Screen Play

Ek Duuje Ke Liye is the story of love and long distance relationship between a couple during the era of telephone and letters. The story revolves around the romance between a Tamil man (Man who can’t even understand Hindi at start of the movie), Vasu and a north Indian Women Sapna (Obvious! Can’t understand Tamil). Vasu comes to his home after a year, leaving behind his monotonous job to spend time with his parents in Goa where he accidentally meets his neighbour Sapna. Both the family are having grudges and little adjustment issues with each other because of different cultures, fooding habits, languages and lifestyles. While Sapna and Vasu found a lot of common interests and started enjoying each other’s company. Starting from sharing the same book in different languages to sharing of thoughts and ideas, their compatibility is 100/100 instead of their different lifestyle and languages. However, their families disapprove of their love, citing it as mere infatuation and lust. In order to prove their love as pious, they got separated for one year with no means of communication at all. Vasu joins a job in Hyderabad while Sapna patiently waits for Vasu in Goa. However, miscommunication arises when Chakram (Marriage Prospect for Sapna) tells Vasu that he is marrying Sapna. Disheartened Vasu agrees to marry Sandhya (Sister of Vasu’s Manager). However, When Sandhya(Madhavi) finds out about Vasu and Sapna, She tells Vasu the truth. Filled with Excitement and love, after a year, Vasu moves ahead for Goa to meet his beloved Sapna at the same spot where their they used to date before. Who wins over destiny! Vasu’s Manager sends a group of goons to kill him and at the same time, Sapna is being teased and raped by her librarian near the temple where Vasu and Sapna used to meet. How hard Vasu tries to learn Hindi and impresses Sapna’a parents and how religiously Sapna keeps on waiting for Vasu, who knew they will be finally together after death. Climax will surely give you goosebumps, they finally meet at their dating places with blood all around. That’s how they waited for “Ek Duuje ke liye” and their love becomes immortal forever.


Dialogues are least between the lead couple and their sign languages and efforts to learn each other’s language strengthen their bond. The movie has mixture of Tamil, Hindi and English Scripts. However, few dialogues may be over dramatic and too literature driven for millennials. Music is Superb, who didn’t heard “Ek Duuje Ke liye” and “Tere mere beech me”. Kamal Haasan’s fluent Hindi dialogues and expressions of star cast will leave audience dumbstruck towards the end for sure. Rati Agnihotri’s expression and Madhavi’s beauty will win hearts.


Outstanding performances by Sanjeev Ji, Jaya Ji and Om Shivpuri and entire crew. Expressions said it all. Not for even a single moment, performance was missed even with least of words. All the characters played their script well. Although few dialogues and style of acting may be irrelevant or overly dramatic of millennial and Gen Y generation of ours.


Love is pious, unconditional and immortal, no matter what! Believe me, especially if you are in a distance relationship, connect with your Bae online, order a tub of popcorn for both of you and watch this movie together from distance. 4 stars to this cheesy romantic piece for all the couples out there!

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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