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Ee Ma Yau 2018 Malayalam Movie

Ee. ma. yau. (R.I.P)

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Set in Chellanam, a coastal village with significant fishermen population in Eranakulam, the film revolves around the death of Vavachan mestri. After returning from a long journey, Vavachan gets into a fight with Chowro after Chowro informs and shames Vavachan regarding a premarital relationship between his daughter Nissa and Sivanapan. Somewhere in the beach, in a shack, two people are playing a game of cards, lamenting over how the game will get interesting now. On arriving home, his wife Pennamma asks him to stop going around and to settle. When his son Eeshi returns home, Vavachan drinks and tells him that Vavachan’s father had the most splendid funeral in all of Chellanam. Eeshi promises that Vavachan will also have a big grand funeral. After some time, Vavachan falls to the ground and dies.

Eeshi’s wife Sabeth informs neighbors about the death. Ayappan, the Panchayath ward member and Eeshi’s friend arrives at the scene and takes control. Ayyappan asks Paanji and Lasar, two neighbours of Eeshi, to bring Dr. Gervasius to confirm the death. But Gervasius’s wife tells them that he is drunk and asleep and they have to go to a head nurse living nearby to confirm the death. Arriving at the scene and seeing the injury in head, nurse tells them that she cannot do anything and only a doctor can confirm. Fr. Zacharia Parapurath, a rude vicar of the parish and a crime novel enthusiast hears about the head injury and informs the police.

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